Cool Facts You MUST Know About Sheep and Wool

Wool is one of the favorite materials of many people. The different benefits and the versatility of the wool allow it to be used for different purposes. This has made it favored by many people. We all know that most of the wool is usually obtained from sheep. In this blog, we are going to […]

Why you Need to Switch to Wool Felt?- 6 Benefits of Wool Felt Products

Nowadays felt products have been gaining popularity widely. Now, felt products have emerged as the second-highest foreign currency earning handicrafts. Many people from different countries have started showing interest in the felt products. In many households, we can see felt products being widely used. Felt products are used as home decor, outfits, and many more. […]

How are Felt Products Beneficial for the Planet Earth?- A Step to a Better Earth

Day by day the condition of the earth is degrading. There have been many factors reinforcing the degradation of the environment. One of them is different materials that are going to waste. The production process also results in excessive pollution. The use of different chemicals and harmful dyes has degraded the water resources, the health […]

5 Benefits of Having a Dog Bed for your Dog

Have you ever slept so well, that you feel like waking up refreshed and ready for the day? Good sleep depends on a good bed. Like every human, your pet dog also needs good sleep to be ready and active for the day. A dog requires an average of 12 to 18  hours of sleep […]

Best Comparison and Differences Between Wool and Cotton

With a variety of options for the fabric to choose from, one is bound to get confused in choosing the right fabric. In the modern era, we live in a time where styles change rapidly. Sometimes the comfort is compromised. We believe you dont want that but want comfort with style. Then you might need […]

Why Wear Wool?- Benefits of Wearing Wool

“Wool material is itchy to my skin. I can’t wear them for a long time” – you might have heard many people saying you. Well, know that it is a myth. Unless you are allergic to the material it doesn’t make you itchy. Like this, wool has established many bad reputations. Many believe wool is […]

How is Yarn Made? How to Turn Wool into Yarn

Yarn is the first step to making a beautiful piece of fabric. It can be made from both natural fibers and synthetic fibers. What is yarn? Well, yarn is a continuous length of interlocked fibers. The fibers are twisted together from the spinning process. The type of twist also determines the quality and the texture […]

Why Do Cats Groom or Lick So Much?

If you have owned a cat for a long time then you must be aware of your cat’s distinct behavior of licking itself for a long time. You might have guessed that they are cleaning themselves. You are right to a certain extent but sometimes there is more than simple grooming for your cat licks […]

Why Do Cats Stand Up on Their Hind Legs?

Cats are animals with different peculiar behavior. Sometimes, it doesn’t even surprise you as a cat owner when your cat does something weird. You are pretty used to it by now. But sometimes some behaviors leave you questioning the reasons behind such behavior. One of them is your cat standing on its hind leg now […]

Benefits of Wool Cat Cave Bed

Thinking of getting a cat cave bed for your cat but you are unsure about the decision? We feel you, as there are various options to choose from you are confused. Well, we are glad that you are about to make the best decision you can for your cat. Wool cat caves are not only […]