Benefits of Wool Cat Cave Bed


Thinking of getting a cat cave bed for your cat but you are unsure about the decision? We feel you, as there are various options to choose from you are confused.

Well, we are glad that you are about to make the best decision you can for your cat. Wool cat caves are not only an option but a necessity for your cat. You might think we are over exaggerating, but by the end of this blog, you would also think the same.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the benefits of a cat cave bed for your feline friend and for you as well. First of all, let us know what cat cave bed is.

What is a Cat Cave Bed?

As the name suggests, a cat cave bed is a cave-shaped bed designed for the cats to lay on. Most of the cat caves are made from 100% natural wool.

The wet felting method is used to make the cat cave( Read How does a felting Work?). In this method heat and moisture are applied with agitation to bind the wool fibers together to form a stiff fabric.

Cat caves are available in various designs and sizes. So you have different options to choose from. When choosing the right cat cave bed for your cat, here are a few things to consider to choose the perfect cat cave bed for your cat.

  • Cat cave should be made from 100% natural fiber.
  • The size of the cat cave should be suitable for your cat. A small cat cave for a big cat is not comfortable for your cat and vice versa.
  • Cat cave should be easily washable.
  • You should also consider the price and the quality of the cat cave.
  • The shape of the bed.

Benefits of Wool Cat Cave Bed

Wools cat caves are not only a place for your cat to curl up and sleep. There are different scientifically-proven benefits of providing a cat cave for your cat.

Here we have listed the benefits of the cat cave.

Cats Privacy

Like every human being, a cat also requires privacy. Getting a personal space for your cat is good for you and your cat. Providing personal space doesn’t mean leaving your cat alone all the time, but it is creating a place where your cat feels safe.

They can play, chill, and rest. Most cats sometimes want ‘Me’ time for themselves, away from all the human beings and away from all the ruckus. Cat cave beds can be that perfect place for them to be mindful and safe.

Place your cat’s favorite toys or use familiar scents like your scents by throwing your old clothes in the cat cave to make your cat familiar with the cat cave bed. It can be a great place for your cat to wind up and chill.

Cats Love Enclosed Places

Cats love enclosed tight places. It makes them feel safe and sound. The closed place also helps fuel up their predatory instincts as well. Cats love to hide and observe their prey, human being, and then they pounce at them. So, cats enjoy elements of surprise.

Tight and dark places where they can stay hidden make them feel calmer and reduce their stress. So, those places are mentally relaxing for the cats.

But not all closed places are safe for your cat. There are chances of your cat getting stuck and injured. S0, a cat cave is a great option for them. The circular and closed space makes them feel safe. They are also able to stay hidden and calm.

Good Sleep

Getting personal space for your cat means good sleep for you and for your cat. How? you may ask. Most of the time when you are sleeping with your cat there is a chance of getting woken up in the middle of the night. If you are a light sleeper then there is a high chance of getting woken up due to slight disturbances.

On the other hand, due to the large body surface compare to the cats, there are chances of getting your cats squashed whenever you turn around and might heavily injure your cat. Cats are also very sensitive to movement and sounds.

So, there is the possibility of sleep deprivation for both you and your cat. This results in different mental distress for both you and our cat. Like you might even find your daily activities annoying and feel tired all day long. Cat also may develop the chance of anxiety and depression.

Cat cave bed help solve that problem. It is comfortable and spacious enough for your cat to sleep at night

Discouraging Unwanted Sleeping Locations

Cats love to sleep wherever they want, no one can say otherwise. They have this mindset that the whole place belongs to them. This behavior is kinda cute but sometimes it can be a pain.

Like you might find your cat laying in your fresh cleaned cloth, your expensive couch, or in the corner of your house where you didn’t anticipate it to be.

So, it is important to direct to a certain place for your cat which is comfortable and attractive for your cat. Cat cave is the perfect location for your cat to lay on.

Preventing Damage to Your Furniture

Cats have sharp nails which can easily scratch surfaces. This creates the problem of damaging your furniture and other equipment. But know that your cat doesn’t do so purposely but there is a reason behind such behavior. (Read How to Prevent Cat from Destroying your Furniture?)

Sometimes your cat climbs in tall places (Read Why do Cat like Heights?) like your table knocking all the things that are on its way, and pouncing on your favorite couch and then scratching it with its nails. The damage can be sometimes so costly that you might start regretting getting a cat.

Get a cat cave and place them where your cat usually hangs out. This minimizes the chance of getting your furniture destroyed by your best friend.

Cats Love Wool

Cats are attracted to wool fiber. There is not any specific explanation regarding such attraction of cats toward wool. Many guess that the presence of natural oil in the wool called Lanolin makes cats attracted to the wool material. The scent and taste remind them of their mother.

No matter wah the cause is, wool also makes a great cat cave bed. Most of the cat caves are made by felting wool. The properties of wool make it beneficial for the cat. Here are the benefits of wool.

Wools  are Super Absorbent

The fiber can absorb a large quantity of water preventing any soggy mess when it gets wet.- So when you touch them the surface stays dry.

Wools are Thermostat

The wool works like a thermostat. In the chilly weather, it absorbs the moisture and produces heat whereas in the warm season the wool fiber expands which releases the moisture and allows cold air to pass through.

Wools are Easily Shaped

The wool fiber is easily moldable when subjected to weight. When the weight is released then it springs back to its original shape. Most of the cat cave can be turned into a cat bed when squished, best for the warm season. It can also be changed back easily to its original cave shape ideal for the winter season.

Wool Traps Cat Hair

We all know how much shedder cats are. We cannot control where and when they can shed. Wool cat cave beds are perfect for heavy shedder. The surface of the cat cave will trap the hair that your cats shed and it is easy to clean from the wool. Vacuuming the surface and cleaning with a damp cloth is enough to clean the hair from the cat cave.

Wools are Hypoallergenaic

Wools are hypoallergenic for both humans and cats. Most of the cat beds are made of textile which can be allergic to your cats and to you as well. Wools also have antifungal and antimicrobial properties, so no chance of getting a fungal allergy as well. Wool fabrics are totally safe.

Environment Friendly

Cat caves are environment-friendly. The manufacturers use natural wool fiber which is ethically obtained from the sheep. No animals are harmed when shearing the wool. So if you are looking for a cruelty-free option then the wool cat cave bed is for you.

Perfect Home Decor

Cat caves are versatile, as you can find them in various designs and colors. So, depending on your taste you can choose a cat cave that suits your home decor. Cat caves are the perfect piece to spice up any corner of your home.

In conclusion, cat cave beds are full of benefits. If you do get a cat cave bed then we assure you that you won’t regret getting one.

The comfy cat cave bed is a perfect place for your cat to chill, rest and play. The material used for making a cat cave bed is safe and easy to clean. There are various sites to buy

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