Why do Cat like Heights?

Cat like Heights
As a cat owner, you must be aware of the different odd behavior of your feline friend. Maybe some behavior is understandable and some aren’t. Since you have landed on this blog then, you must want to know the reason why your cat often gravitates towards higher places. You might have noticed that your cat loves hanging out in higher places. Those places can be as unusual as it can be like a refrigerator top, window, rooftop, and terrace. Different things like their instincts, their desire to stay alone, and much more play a vital role in such behavior. In this blog, we are going to explain the reason why do cat-like heights.

Natural Instinctive Behavior

Instinct plays a vital role in such behavior in your cat. The ancestor of cats is a tree-climbing mammal called Proailurus. It is considered the first true cat which is now extinct. These animals used to climb higher trees to protect themselves from the predators and allocate their prey location and survey its behavior. Like their ancestors, cats have also proved to have such behavior. Indoor cats do not have threats of predators but they do have threats like children and dogs. Sometimes these kinds can be a nuisance for the cats. So higher places help them stay away from them. They also love to survey the behavior of other animals like dogs, birds, and other cats and people. Higher places help them to do so without getting noticed.

Provide Entertainment

Cat needs the entertainment to be happy and healthy. They needed physical stimulation like exercises and mental stimulation to stay healthy. Higher places help achieve that. When cats are in their playful mood they jump here and there, pounce on their owner from the higher places, and observe its surrounding. This physical act of leaping and stretching helps the muscle and bones of the cats. it provides them with enough exercise to keep their body healthy. Sometimes cat also tends to store their emotion which may cause them to be mentally distressed. So, climbing in higher places helps the cat to release their pent-up emotion. It enjoys the view that they are able to see from the higher places and it makes them happy.

Establish Hierarchy

If you have more than one cat, you may not be aware of it, but they have a hierarchy system. Your cats love to be on top of the social ladder. This provides them with a level of prestige. Basically, the cat on the top is the most dominant one among the cats. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t apply to a house with only one cat. When your cat is staying in higher places then it thinks they are superior to you. They think of you as their servant. Funny right!

For Space

Cats do like to stay around their favorite person but sometimes they do need alone time. They need to sleep enough for their body to be healthy. In a house full of children and humans they rarely get rest time. So higher places where no one can reach is great for them to spend alone time. Even the mother cat seeks a place where they can be away from their kittens. So you see they want alone time even from their own kind. Cats also hate confrontation with other animals, so they seek a high place to prevent any confrontation. For Warmth Places at height are more warm compared to the lower area. Cats are warmth-loving animals and love staying in warm places. You might have noticed your cat laying on the window under the sun or in closed tight places. This is all for the warmth.

Providing Vertical Space for your Feline Friend

The above mentioned are the reasons why your cat loves height. They are good for the health of your cat. It helps them provide personal space and warmth. So why not get vertical space for your cat. There are different options available for providing them climbing posts. You can install window perches, door and wall-mounted shelves, and cat trees.  You can also DIY something for your cat which is sturdy enough for your cat to jump around and lay on. You must be wondering, do we really need separate vertical space or a climbing post for the cat? Won’t the heights that are seen around the house be enough for the cat? You are not the only one that thinks so. Climbing posts are made especially for the cat to climb. This prevents the cat from climbing on places that they shouldn’t. It also prevents accidents and injuries caused by hanging around on high places. It could put your cat at risk of ‘high rise syndrome.

High Rise Syndrome

High rise syndrome is a medical term given when a cat is injured by falling from a higher place. Many people assume that cats can survive any fall due to their ability to land on their feet. Well, it is true in most cases but they are still at the risk of getting injured from falling. Cases of high-rise syndrome are mostly seen during the summer. During this time the weather is warm and many prefer to keep their window open. This increases the risk of the cat falling from the window.  Some of the injuries that cats can face are broken bones, punctured lungs, shattered jaws, pelvis injuries, and many more. So if you notice your cat falling from a height then you should immediately rush your cat to the nearest animal hospital.

Can High Rise Syndrome be Prevented?

Although you are worried about the risk of high rise syndrome. Don’t worry it can’t be 100% prevented. Here are the ways you can prevent it. – Don’t leave your cat unattended in higher places. – Install sturdy window fly screens. – Do not keep any tall furniture around the balcony to prevent your cat from jumping on it. – Spay or neuter your cat to discourage your cat to go out of the window in search of a mate. – Close the windows when you are playing with your cat.


So, by now you must be aware of the reason for your feline’s strange behavior of being attracted to the height. And the danger associated with your cat hanging out in such high places. You can also read: 6 Reasons Why Cat Likes to Lay on Chest

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