Why Do Cat Love Cat Cave So Much?

cat loves cat cave
You love your feline friend but you may not be fully aware of how cool your cat is. Cat has been charming humans by its cuteness and beauty. It is hard for humans to ignore their unique features and their behavior. One behavior that you might have noticed is that your cat loves staying in closed places. They are attracted to boxes. Seeing them attracted to those closed spaces you might be encouraged to bring them a cute cat cave.  After buying your feline friend a cat cave you might notice they enjoy staying in those closed spaces. They like to spend a lot of time in those spaces. They enjoy the safety and warmth.  You might be still unaware of the reason why your cat loves cat caves. Cat caves had been around for years and were loved by many cat owners. You might be wondering is it really necessary to buy a cat cave. Here we are going to break down the reason why your cat loves cat caves so much and why you need to get one for your feline friend.

Temperature Regulation

Cat love warm places as they are originated from the desert. . They do great in the warm season but struggle in the winter season. They need to maintain their temperature around 38.6°C which is a bit higher than normal human body temperature. So they are always looking for a place to keep themselves warm. Cat caves are perfect for regulating their body temperature to their desired need. They are made of wool which is a great insulator of heat. The cave shape also enhances the heat of the cat’s body. This self-warming feature and the cozy space encourage the cats to curl up and relax making them comfy and warm.

Feeling of Security

Cats are themselves predators but are great vulnerable when they sleep. Cats spend up to 18 hours sleeping. They do so to protect their belly which makes them less exposed to a possible threat. You might have noticed them being curled up when sleeping. So they are inclined to closed places when sleeping. They can also feel the ease that they are not becoming prey. Cat caves are a perfect safe zone for cats. The shape of the cave makes it possible for the cat to hide away from the source of anxiety, hostility, and unwanted attention. Cat caves provide a great sense of safety. This makes it possible for the cat to chill out in their own safe space and also get good sleep.

Peace and Relaxation

Humans have the habit of petting their fur friends frequently due to their cuteness. They love snuggling and sleeping with their feline friend. Sometimes a cat can feel stressed in this environment. The noise, constant disturbance, and the busyness of the family can stress your feline friend. Stress is a significant component that can trigger behavioral problems in the cat. Cat cave comes for the rescue in this situation. They are perfect for your cat to destress from the stressful environment. The cat can break free from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding. They can have a peaceful moment for themselves. Cat cave can be perfect for your cat to be away from frequent petting, harassment, and being awake. So they love to stay in the cat cave.

Perfect Hunting Space

Cats are predators by nature. Although they are adapted to the human environment they still bear their hunting behavior. They might be a confident hunter but are still aware of their vulnerability. They love hiding in small places and watching their surrounding secretly. It makes them think that they are in the prime position for defense and attack when they are in closed spaces. Cat cave helps them meet these all requirements. The small opening in the cat cave allows them to stay inside and watch their surrounding secretly. They mimic their hunting behavior and use the small opening for the sole purpose of pouncing playfully. So they love to stay inside car caves as it also allows protection from all the attacks on all sides. So cat these are the reasons why cats love cat caves.  They have always been attracted to closed space which makes the cat cave perfect due to the shape of the cave. The materials that the cat cave is made also make the cat mote attract the cat caves as the cat loves playing with the yarn made of wool. So why not buy a cat cafe for your cat. They are versatile pieces and are available in different colors and designs. Choose the one that meets your taste and suits your cat and gift it to your feline friend. We guarantee that they will love it.
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