Top 10 Felt Products Under $50?


Greetings all you lovers of felt out there! Would you love to take a look at those appealing felt products which can be affordable? We have amazing hand crafted felt accessories and ornaments starting at the price of $49 that you will surely adore. Whether for personal use or to buy as a gift for that special someone, we have something for everyone on the list.

  1. Cozy Felt Shoes

Just consider putting your feet in the warm felt blanket which our shoes are! Ideal for cold mornings or a relaxed stay at home on weekends for instance. They are cute and also very comfortable to wear.

  1. Stylish Felt Hat

Looking for something to complement your look? Our fashionable felt hats are perfect for this occasion. It gives it a more sophisticated outlook and makes you feel great regardless of the occasion or time of the year.

handmade felted wool hats

  1. Adorable Felt Cat Cave

Let your kitty companion relax and play in this adorable felt cat caves that we offer here. These little retreats are ideal for the cats who love to snooze while living a good life.

  1. Colorful Felt Coasters

Forget about those plain and dull coasters, let us introduce you to the colorful world of handmade felt coasters. They are more suitable to place on the cup table to increase color contrast, and also they can shield it from accidental spillages.

  1. Charming Felt Decorations

Bring a touch of homemade especially to your home with these cute felt decorations. From adorable holiday decorations to beautiful wall art, these pieces will be perfect for any home decorator.

  1. Beautiful Felt Rugs

Use our exquisite felt rugs to enhance the look of any room in your home. Apart from that, they bring warmth, texture, and an extra layer of coziness to your floors to make your house more welcoming.

  1. Comfy Felt Seat Pads

Upgrade your seats with our range of felt seat pads. They are perfect for dining chairs, office chairs, or anything where a person would need a bit of softness.

  1. Handy Felt Bags

Our handmade bags are classic and functional since they are created from felt material. If you are in the market for a new bag that you’d use daily or a special one for a night out, we have made the process easier for you.

  1. Cute Felt Purses

Featuring our cute and stylish range of felt purses, bring a playful element to your accessories collection. Coming in a variety of sizes and designs, these tiny handbags can hold all your belongings.

handmade felt purses

  1. Unique Felt Goodies

We also have other felt items for you to choose from! These metallic items range from key chains to bookmarks and are quite unique, suitable for gifts or self-purchase.

At our Woollyfelt, passion is incorporated into every product that we craft. Every piece in the handmade felt collection has been made with love, care and a lot of attention to details. Our mission is to change the perception that only attractive and well-made goods must be costly.

Are you ready to discover your new favorite felt item? Please visit our home page and view all the available items that we offer for sale. Enjoy shopping and thank you for choosing to buy handmade goods.

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