6 Reasons Why Cat Likes to Lay on Chest

cat likes to lay on chest
As a cat parent, you are aware that cat takes more time to open up and when they do open up they are your best friend. It is best to know as much as you can about your feline friend, so you can provide better care for your cat and know what their behavior means. You might have noticed your cat show a cute behavior of snuggling on your chest. Cats are mysterious animals and require sleep to regain their energy. You might love your cat snuggling upon you as you feel that your cat trusts and loves you. It also takes away your stress. What about how your cat feels when it lay on your chest. Have you ever thought about why do they do so frequently? Then you have landed on the right page. Here we have talked about different reasons why your cat loves laying on your chest.

Why Does Your Cat Likes To Lay On Your Chest?

There are different reasons why your cat likes to lay on your chest. They show that behavior out of love and affection, your chest is comfortable to lay on, attraction toward the sound of your heartbeat, and many more. Here we have listed a few of the understandable reasons behind your feline friend.

To Show Love And Affection

Cats are quite affectionate to their favorite human. They show different actions like rubbing against your legs, snuggling on you, meowing, purring, and laying on your chest. You might have noticed sometimes two cats sleeping, playing, or lying together, so some yearn for snuggles and cuddles. This bond is also translated to humans. Laying on your chest is a pathway for your cat for expressing love and affection wholeheartedly.

To Feel Safe And Secure

Cats are predators by nature which can be quite distressing sometimes for them. So they seek protection. This explains the habit of cats laying on your chest when sleeping. Cats are quite fragile when they are sleeping. So they prefer a safe place when they are sleeping. Cats are dependent on their mother when they are young and feel safe around their mother and this behavior continues to their adulthood. Although the adult cat does not depend upon their mother, they still seek a safe and secure place. The cats are emotionally attached to their owner and the familiar smell soothes the cat. It provides them with a feeling of security.

For Warmth

Cats love a warm environment rather than the cold. The normal body temperature of a cat is about 38ºC which takes a lot of work for the cat to maintain. Despite having thick coats of fur, they seek warmth from their surrounding. You might have noticed your cat laying under the sunlight or in closed small places. This also helps them to fall asleep fastly and comfortably. The human body generates heat naturally and when worn clothes the heat is maximized. So the cat is attracted to your body heat mainly your chest as it is where the heart lies making it one of the warmest places of our body.

Sound of The Heartbeat

You might have noticed that when your cat is laying on your chest and if you show certain movement then the cat jumps away. But if you are laying silently then you are in your peaceful state. The steady rhythm of your heartbeat and breathing calm the cat as if it is hypnotizing them. It provides the assurance that they are protected. Sometimes you might notice your cat purring, it is their way of comforting you.

To Show Possessiveness

Cats are privacy-loving animals and they try to claim everything that they think is theirs. They have this instinctual behavior of claiming food, area, toys, and many more. They sit on it mark their territory. This describes the behavior of a cat laying on your chest.  They think of their owner as their possessions and are trying to claim you. They cover their scents on everything by sitting on it to claim it as their own.

Relieve Stress

Every animal has feelings. Unlike humans they cannot express it with words, rather they show it through their behavior. In the case of cats, when they are stressed or have anything troubling them then they might stay away from everyone or tend to come closer than they usually do. As we have mentioned above that your chest is calming for the cat, they seek your chest when they are stressed or are feeling unwell. They feel comforted like having a buddy in sad times. The chest is also comfortable for your cat to lay down, so they are able to get comfy sleep and regain energy. This also helps minimize the stress.

Is it okay to let your cat lay on your chest?

The answer is between yes and no. This depends upon the situation. There is no harm in letting your cat lay on you. When your cat sleeps on you, a strong bond is formed between you and your cat. Your cat also feels protected and secured and you also get emotional support when you are feeling depressed. A cat can be your best friend when you are alone. Your familiar scent also calms your cat. So, we can say it is quite safe for your cat to lay on your chest. How about it lays on you for a long time! It is okay for the cat to lay on the chest for short time but might be dangerous for both humans and the cat if it lays on for a longer period of time. Here are the four main problems that may arise if you let your cat lay on you for a longer period of time. Disturbed Sleep When you let a cat sleep on you for a long time then your sleep gets disturbed. You might be woken up a few times which is not good for your health. It can hamper your sleep schedule in long run. The heat from the body of your cat also can be discomforting for you, which can cause you to wake up. Trouble Breathing When the cat is laying on your chest then you won’t be able to breathe properly and deeply. If you have a heavy cat then it’s a no-no to let them sleep on your chest. Cat also tends to shed a lot. Sleeping close with your cat may cause you to breathe in some of your cat’s hair which can cause you allergies and uneasy breathing. Even if you brush and bathe your cat regularly, they are bound to shed fur and dead skin. So, keeping them close for a long time may result in breathing problems. Scratching Cats have really sharp paws. So when you are sleeping close with your cat then you are bound to get scratched from the paws. Every cat owner knows that their cat loves to stretch from time to time and their claws come out when doing so. The scratch sometimes can be so severe that it may require treatment. Know that your cat does not intend to do so. Chances Of Injuring Your Cat When sleeping with your cat there is a chance of injuring them. Most of the habits of turning around when sleeping may result in crushing your cat. Although there is a low chance of killing your cat, you should be careful when letting your cat sleep around you.

Alternative For Your Chest

After knowing about the cons of letting your cat sleep on your chest, you might want to break the habit or reduce the time your cat spends on your chest. Why not get alternatives for your cat! There are great alternatives like a cat bed and a cat cave. They are a comfortable alternative for your cat. At Wollyfelt you can get a wide range of cat caves at a reasonable price. They are made from 100% pure Merino Wool from New Zealand and are safe for your feline friend.


Why does my cat lay on my chest and stare at me?

It is a way of your cat claiming you and seeking your attention. Your cat laying on your chest is a way of saying that you are theirs. When your cat is laying on your chest and staring at you then it is saying that it wants your attention immediately.

Do cats lay on your chest to heal you?

When your cat is laying on your chest, the rhythmic heartbeat and breathing soothe the cat. Their stress is also taken away. They make a purring sound which is quite healing for humans too.

Why does the cat lay on my chest in the morning?

There are many reasons why the cat love laying on your chest. What about a specific time. There are mainly two reasons why your cat loves laying in your chest every morning. One is an obvious reason, they are hungry. They are telling you to feed them. Another is that they love seeing their human friend sleeping and in a calm position. It is their way of showing their affection.

Why do cats lay on you and purr?

Purring is one of the many sounds that a cat uses to communicate with humans. When your cat is laying on you and makes a purring sound then they are expressing that they are feeling happy and safe with you. They are expressing their affection toward you.

Why does my cat sit on my chest with her back to me?

Cats are predators by nature and are always aware of their surroundings. If you notice your cat laying on you with its back turned towards you then that’s a huge compliment for you. it shows that your cats trust you and know that you won’t hurt it.

Why does my cat sleep on me when I’m sick?

Cats have an instinct of healing and protect their loved ones. Cats can sense when their favorite human is sick. So, when they find their favorite human sick then they will snuggle with them and purr at a frequency that has qualities of healing.
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