Why Do Cats Stand Up on Their Hind Legs?

Cats are animals with different peculiar behavior. Sometimes, it doesn’t even surprise you as a cat owner when your cat does something weird. You are pretty used to it by now. But sometimes some behaviors leave you questioning the reasons behind such behavior. One of them is your cat standing on its hind leg now […]

Benefits of Wool Cat Cave Bed

Thinking of getting a cat cave bed for your cat but you are unsure about the decision? We feel you, as there are various options to choose from you are confused. Well, we are glad that you are about to make the best decision you can for your cat. Wool cat caves are not only […]

A Happy Cat is a Healthy Cat – 10 Ways to Keep your Cat Happy

As a pet owner, you want the best for your feline friend. Having a furry friend provides great joy to your life. They are your family members, so you want to treat them like one. You want to provide the best for your cat. Although cats are quite low-maintenance pets, keeping them indoors can be […]

needle felting wool

Common Needle Felting Mistakes

Needle felting is a fun hobby. You can be creative as much as you want. You can explore your creative mind and enhance your brain creativity. You can start with the basic felting projects and keep on increasing the difficulty level of the projects. Needle felting can be quite bewildering at the beginning. You can […]