What are Pros and Cons sewing with felts?

Felt is a soft durable, and flexible product for making items for various purposes including clothes, wall-hanging decor, jewelry, wall hanging decor, and many more. Working with felts could be easier or harder depending upon your preferences as there come its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are unaware of those, you are in the […]

Cashmere wool

Cashmere wool vs Merino wool: What’s the Best Wool to Wear?

Cold winters and you are craving for warmth. What else could be better than the cozy wools? Well, there are dozens of yarns to choose from, but if you are exploring the softest and highest quality woolen fabrics, the perfect choice could be Merino or Cashmere wool. Both pieces of wool have the softest woolen […]

cat playing with wool

What diseases can I catch from my cat?

Cats are wonderful pets. Research has shown that playing with cats reduces the chances of depression and anxiety  Their playful tactics would uplift your mood and seeing them play would definitely put you in a joyful state. Cat owners are increasing each day, nearly 40 million households in the United States have pet cats. Alright, […]

wool quilt

How Long Does a Wool Quilts Last?

Wool quilts were in the use since eighteen century and till now it’s trending. Why not trend? The warmth and coziness, the wool quilt provides are hardly exceeded by any other quilt.  The wool quilt would be your perfect sleep companion. Their lightweight makes it so convenient to use as compared to other quilts such as […]

Our Team

At Woollyfelt, we stand by our ethics of women empowerment, sustainable products, and customer satisfaction. We are committed to supporting the local Nepalese women working, providing sustainable products, and ensuring 100% satisfaction is obtained by our customers. There are different departments working together to meet our ethics and standards. Producing quality products which are what […]

cat playing

Are Wool Toys Safe for Cats?

In times when you feel sad or low, who do you go to? Your mom? Your partners? Could be anyone who you feel close to, right? It is certainly very hard to open up to people, constantly fearing that you would be judged or you will be a burden and stuff. However, there is always […]

dogs squeaky toy

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

We love dogs playing whether it be rolling around the floor, chasing others, or picking up objects to bite, paws, and shake them. We have seen them playing solitary, with us or with their friends. However, they play, isn’t it delightful to see them play happily? There are various ways to make them play. One […]

sheep with wool

How is Wool Obtained from the Sheep?

We all know wool is a natural fiber obtained from wooly animals like sheep, yak, goats, and many more. Wool is something that we often used in our daily life. Like from our clothes to our home decor items like rugs, banners, and many more. Have you ever wondered how the wool that we have […]

Why does Wool Shrink?

At one point we all have experienced our favorite sweater or any garment shrinking after a wash. Even though it wasn’t intentional you lost your favorite sweater and you cannot do anything about it. It keeps you wondering what went wrong that resulted in your garment shrinking. Well, don’t worry we have prepared this blog […]

Why does Wool Itch?

There is a myth circulating worldwide i.e wool causes allergy. Well to break it to you, wool alone is not the only culprit for all that itchiness. There are many contributing factors like chemicals, dyes, lanolin, and many more. In this blog, we are going to address all the thing that causes itchiness when wearing […]