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At Woollyfelt, we stand by our ethics of women empowerment, sustainable products, and customer satisfaction. We are committed to supporting the local Nepalese women working, providing sustainable products, and ensuring 100% satisfaction is obtained by our customers.

There are different departments working together to meet our ethics and standards. Producing quality products which are what our customers desire is the main aim of every member of our team.

Raw Materials Department

First of all, we have our special raw materials team assigned for getting the required raw materials that go into the production process. The materials are thoroughly inspected to make sure it is of standard quality. Our team does not compromise on the quality of the raw materials as we believe that quality raw materials lead to quality products.

Production  Department

Then the raw materials are provided to the production team. There are different talented artisans in this team. All of our artisans are local Nepalese women who are trained to felt the products. They are also the ones that come up with different beautiful designs. All the beautiful products that last you for a long time are designed by our talented artisan.

Quality Control (QC) Department

After the production is done the finished product is sent to the quality control charge team before being packaged. The finished product is inspected for any damage or stain. If any product is seen with is seen defect then it is declined for packaging and sent to be fixed. If the damage is unable to fix then the new one is advised to be made.

So, the quality control charge team prevents any defective or damaged products from being sent to the customer. This way there is low to no chance of customers being unsatisfied with their product.

Packaging Department

After the product passes the quality control charge team it is then received by the packaging team. The team packages the product. The address that which it is to be shipped is also included in the package. The packaging is done very carefully so that the product won’t get damaged during the shipping process.

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Arun Sapkota

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