Why Do Cats Stand Up on Their Hind Legs?

Cats are animals with different peculiar behavior. Sometimes, it doesn’t even surprise you as a cat owner when your cat does something weird. You are pretty used to it by now. But sometimes some behaviors leave you questioning the reasons behind such behavior. One of them is your cat standing on its hind leg now and then. This unusual posture makes your cat look like a meerkat. This behavior makes your cat look adorable in your eye but did you know that it serves a valuable purpose in the wild? It is a survival technique used by animals. Have you ever wondered why cats stand up on their hind legs? Many cat owners have wondered the same. In this blog, we will talk about different reasons for your cat’s such behavior. Why do they do so and what goes into their mind doing so?

Reasons- Why Do Cats Stand Up on Their Hind legs?

Here are some reasons for your cat such behavior. Some reasons might fascinate you and some might be already known by you.

To Scare off Predators

The most obvious reason for your cat to do such is to intimidate their predators and scare them away. This is one of the common survival tactics that many animals use to frighten their predators when they feel threatened. They also do so to seem more vicious than their opponent cat as well. Although cats are predators by nature, they sometimes get scared or threatened easily. To handle such situations they do not run away but try to scare them. They perch up on their hind legs to look bigger and more fearful than their predators. This stance is often combined with puffing up their tails and shuffling along sideways. If the predator tries to come near the cat then they might add hissing and growling sounds to look more terrifying. Sometimes your cat is not only trying to scare off the predators but can also mean that your cat is ready to throw hands if possible.

Out of Curiosity

Cats are very curious animals and want to know what’s going on around them. The most common thing that makes them curious is the loud sounds. Many studies have shown that cats have the broadest hearing range of mammals. They can hear what a human being cannot hear. You might have noticed your cat standing on their hind legs whenever they hear loud sounds like your hairdryer, washing machine, or anything that creates sound. They are afraid to go near the source of sound but they want to get a better look. Funny, right? Curiosity mixed with fear. Cats also get curious when they spot something interesting like a bug walking. birds flying and many more. They express their curiosity by standing on their hind legs to get a closer look.

To Reach for Treats

Cats love getting treats. They enjoy their food like every other animal. If you notice your cat standing on its hind legs and trying to reach for something then it is probably because there is your cat’s treat. Although your cat’s treat may not be in sight, your cat still remembers where you had kept it. Sometimes even the sound of a bag of treats is enough for your cat to stand on its hind legs and try to reach near it. You can also use them to train them. Like you can make your cat stand on its hind leg on your command. Simply bring the treat near your cat and only feed them when your cat obeys you. With frequent practice, you can make your cat do some cute stuff.

Asking for attention

Cats are affectionate creatures and love attention from their favorite human. Your cat might start by brushing itself on your leg and then standing on its hind leg like a baby asking to be carried. They are either asking for a head ‘boop’, wanting you to pet them, or wanting to cuddle with you.  So, do not ignore your cat’s needs and give them your attention immediately. Your cat might also be hungry, so check whether your cat is fed or not.

Out of Excitement

Cats stand on their hind legs out of excitement as well. If you notice your cat standing on its hind legs at the door whenever you are coming from work or someplace then your cat is excited to see you. It is a great compliment for cat owners to see their cats excited to see you. It means that your cat is happy to see you and loves having you around. You have a close bond with your cat and your cat also has positive emotions toward you.

You have Munchkin Cat

If you see your cat standing on its hind legs most of the time then you might have a Munchkin Cat. This type of cat has naturally shorter legs compared to other breeds of cats. The leg is approximately 3 inches shorter. Due to their short legs, they happen to have a low center of gravity compared to other cats. This allows them to stand upright on their hind leg easily. They are also given a cute nickname ‘Bunny Cats’ denoting that they resemble a hare. Munchkins also love standing on their hind legs and surveying its surrounding.

Special Need Cats

Sometimes cats are born with body deformities. They can be born without front legs or might have a disease that impacted their front legs. Some are born with Radial Hypoplasia, a condition where the front legs are shorter compared to the hind legs. The bones in not form fully or are often twisted. They compensate for their disability by standing on their hind legs for easy and convenient movement. So, cats with this condition are also named ‘Kangaroo Cat’.

How to get your Cat to Stand Up?

Teaching your cats a few tricks and showing them in front of your friends can be impressive. You can teach your cat how to stand on its hind leg easily on your command. All you need is your cat’s favorite treat and your time. Here are the steps to make your cat stand on its hind legs at your command. – First of all, get your cat’s attention toward you using its favorite treat. Hold it in front of your cat to gain its interest. – Bring the treat near your cat’s nose and raise it up. This encourages your cat to stand on its hind leg. – If your cat stands on its hind leg then reward it with a treat. Add commands like ‘Stand’, and ‘Up’ when doing so. –  Repeat the steps until your cat is able to understand your command and does as you say it.

Is it Bad for your Cat to Stand on its Hind Leg for a Long Time?

As we have mentioned above sometimes different reasons like their breed and their body deformities cause them to support their body on their hind legs. They don’t have any other options, so for those cats, it is the only way. But if you have a cat that is not among the ones mentioned above then it can lead to serious problems. If you find your cat standing on its hind leg for a long time then this could cause stress to your cat’s hips. this can lead to serious injuries. Even if it is for the sake of your taught tricks, don’t make your cat perform it for a long time.

To Summarize,

There are different reasons why chat will stand on its hind legs. You can easily determine the reason whether it is happy, wants your attention, food, or is feeling threatened. You can learn different things from your cat’s posture, so keep that in mind.

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