Why you Need to Switch to Wool Felt?- 6 Benefits of Wool Felt Products

Nowadays felt products have been gaining popularity widely. Now, felt products have emerged as the second-highest foreign currency earning handicrafts. Many people from different countries have started showing interest in the felt products. In many households, we can see felt products being widely used. Felt products are used as home decor, outfits, and many more. Many people favor felt products due to their different benefits and their impact on the environment and on the consumer as well. In this blog, we are talking about the benefits of felt products. Before that let us answer the question What is Felt?

Felt- The Oldest Fabric

Felt is one of the oldest textiles that exists to date. It is made by matting and pressing the fibers together using heat, moisture, and agitation. It can be made from different fibers like wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, and many more. The most common one is being wool. The earliest existence of the felt fabric is believed to be dated back to 6500 BC. It is believed that it was later discovered when the wool that was shed by the wild sheep formed a cohesive fabric after being used to make a soft sleeping area. Since wool was a great insulator of heat it was used in the sleeping areas. There have been other myths as well regarding the origination of the felt. Various cultures have various legends about the origin of the felt. One legend about the origin is most likely true is in the pat of Asia. There is proof of felt being made in Siberia and North Mongolia. Different clothing, jewelry, and blankets have been found in the Siberian Tomb.
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There are different techniques on how to felt. The most common ones being Wet felting method and the Needle Felting method.
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Benefits of Felt Products

As mentioned above wool felt products are full of benefits. Not only for the consumer but for the environment and the animals as well. Here is a brief explanation of every benefit of the wool felt products.
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Felt products can last you a lifetime with proper garment care and storage. They are wrinkle-resistant and don’t fray easily.  So, it is great to be used as a DIY project to try with the children. Felt garments are quite durable. They won’t easily wear out even when worn frequently. The fiber of the wool does not tear easily. It can withstand up to 20,000 bent before tearing. So, if you have bought felt products the be relieved. You don’t have to worry about getting a  new one.


Many people have this misunderstanding that the felt products are very expensive. Well compared to other fabrics they might be quite expensive. The quality and the durability make up for the prices. If we look at the different features of the wool then you will know that it is a reasonable price. Given the luxurious feel of the wool felt products and the durability, it is worth every penny. Just wonder how much you spend on other materials which do not last you as long as the wool felt. So, you are paying about the same or less compared to others materials and the period of time that they last.


Wool felt is a versatile material. There is an endless option of things that can be made from the felt. From clothing and accessories, toys, and arts and crafts items to home decor items. There are more than you could imagine. Here are a few examples of things that can be made from felt. – Soft and durable toys for children and your pet – Accessories like shoes, handbags, purses, hats, and many more – Eco-friendly mobile phone covers – Colorful holiday decorations – Wall panels for soundproof room – Home decor items like rugs, mats, coasters, etc – Pet houses like cat caves  and dog beds So, there are many things that can be made from felt products. They are most of the time available in different colors and designs.

Pet Friendly 

Felt products are safe for animals. Since wool felt products are made from animal protein fiber and no harmful chemical is used in manufacturing the products. Many crafters like Woollyfelt use wool felt products to create beautiful products for your pet animals like cat caves, pet toys, and dog beds. Other products like rugs and other products are also safe for a household with pets. Also read: Why do Cats Love Cats Cave so much?

Natural and Sustainable

Wool is a natural material obtained from sheep. The manufacturing process also has low to no impact on the environment. The durability of the products prevents the garment from ending up in landfills. You can reuse and recycle the felt products. Wool is also a sustainable and renewable material. It can be obtained continuously as sheep can produce wool their lifetime. The biodegradable properties of the wool also make it a great fertilizer. You can place the old and unwanted felt products around the plants and they will decay and provide the required nutrients for your plant.


Many believe that the process of shearing that is done to obtain wool has negative effects on the sheep. The shearing causes distress in the animals which may result in killing them as well. If the shearing is done in an unprofessional manner then that may be the result but shearing is mostly done by professionals. The shearing process is beneficial for the well-being of the sheep. If a sheep is not sheared then it can lead to different health issues in the animal. A sheep never stops growing wool on its body. So, if not shared then it can lead to suffocation from the wool, stress from the weight of wool on the body, bacteria build-up, and even death. At Woollyfelt the wool used for its felt products is also obtained ethically, keeping the well-being of the sheep into consideration.
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To sum up, Felt products are full of benefits. From being durable, and pet-friendly to natural and sustainable. It is something that you have never imagined. Felt products also can be your step toward sustainability. Looking for a business that can provide you varieties of felt products then Woollyfelt is the one. They have different felt products from home decor, and pet toys to pet houses. The products are of high quality and are available at a reasonable price.
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