Why Wear Wool?- Benefits of Wearing Wool

Wool material is itchy to my skin. I can’t wear them for a long time” – you might have heard many people saying you. Well, know that it is a myth. Unless you are allergic to the material it doesn’t make you itchy. Like this, wool has established many bad reputations. Many believe wool is an itchy, irritating, heavy, and hot material and they don’t want to wear it without even trying. They are not aware of the great benefits of wool. In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of wearing wool.

Benefits of Wearing Wool

The wool comes with great benefits. It is beneficial to the consumer, the animals, and the environment. The benefits of wool are uncountable but we got you. Here are a few benefits of the wool you can look out for.

Feels Dry Even When Wet

Wools are water-repellant materials. The epicuticle scale on the outside of the fiber is hydrophobic making it impossible for the wool to get external moisture absorbed even in the rain. Whereas the cortex of the fiber is able to absorb the moisture. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet when touched. Only after the wool has absorbed more than 30% moisture corresponding to its weight, do you feel it wet when touching. So if you have a problem with excessive sweating then you don’t have to worry about feeling sticky when wearing wool clothes. It is suitable to be worn in the summer season as well.

Easy to Clean and Store

Wool materials are easy to clean and store. The natural protective layer of the wool prevents any stains or marks from being absorbed deep. The dirt also sits on the surface of the wool. So, you don’t have to worry about spending money on special or expensive products to wash the wool. With mild detergent and water, you are good to go.  They can be easily washed with hands. If you prefer washing your clothes in the washing machine and think that the wool products can get damaged if machine washed. Then you are quite right if it was the old times. Due to different innovations over the years, wool fabrics or clothes are machines washable. Likewise, wool products do not require frequent wash to keep them clean. You can just air out all the sweat and the dust. A good airing is what your need to keep your wool clothes safe. You can also store them after they are completely dry.

Fire Resistant

Unlike other materials like nylon, polyester, and cotton, wool doesn’t catch on fire easily. The temperature needs to reach about 600°C for the wool to ignite. So, even in the warmest temperature, it is safe to wear wool material. If wool does catch on fire then it doesn’t burn but extinguishes itself. It won’t melt or stick to your skin either. So, the low flammability properties make it safe to be worn.

Odor Resistant

On most synthetic fibers there are positively charged surfaces which makes it suitable for bacteria to thrive and produce a bad odor. Whereas wool fibers have negatively charged scales making it possible to absorb sweat quickly and get evaporated. It also makes the wool breathable material that allows air to pass through them. The bacteria do not get to thrive making the wool anti-bacterial. The sweat produced from the body doesn’t cling to the surface of the wool but rather gets absorbed providing your that dry feel. This also prevents any bacteria build-up which causes a bad odor. So, wool clothing is suitable to be worn even in the warmer season or you can layer it with your workout outfit to prevent any bad odor building up from the sweat.

Natural Durability

The durability of the wool is able to surpass many fibers. The flexibility of the wool makes it quite durable. Do you know that wool can be bent up to 20,000 times before breaking apart?  Yes, you heard it right the natural elasticity of the wool makes it hard to tear easily. So, the clothes made from wool are sure to last your foe a few years. You don’t have to worry about getting it damaged in a short time. So, if you are spending money on wool clothing then you can consider it as your investment as well.

Comfortable to the Skin

The fibers of the wool can control both the temperature and the humidity around the surface of your skin. Compare to other synthetic materials, wool is believed to be best in creating a healthy microclimatic environment for your skin.  This helps alleviate skin problems. An Australian study has also shown that when soft wool-like Merino wool is worn by the children suffering from eczema, the problem is alleviated to a certain amount compared to cotton.  It reduced any irritation on the skin and improved the condition of the skin. The fabric is also ideal for asthma patients. The wool fiber is also considered hypoallergenic and non-irritant. Sometimes when wearing certain materials leads to rashes and allergies. You don’t have to worry about such problems wearing wool. Unless you are specifically allergic to the wool materials like being allergic to nuts which is a rare case, you dint have to worry. So, for comfortable wear, wool is a great option. Even if you have certain skin complications like eczema you can easily wear it.

Excellent Temperature Regulator

Wool is one of those materials that can react to your body’s temperature. The fiber is able to provide warmth in the winter season and keep you cool in the summer season. You can say that wool is material for all four seasons. How is that possible you may ask? The structure of the fiber allows the heat to be locked within the fibers, preventing any loss of heat from your body. This allows your body to stay warm even in the coldest weather. In summer the wool absorbs the sweat produced format the body and then it gets evaporated allowing the air pockets to cool down and also cool your body. So, wool can be considered a smart garment. This can help minimize your wardrobe as well. You don’t need extra money for clothes depending on the weather and also you prevent your clothes from going to the landfill


Wool is natural and eco-friendly. Each year a sheep grows new fleece and it is important to shear the wool for the well-being of the sheep. So, it is a renewable resource. You don’t have to worry about it being scarce or getting extinct. The sheep are also raised in a sustainable manner. They feed on the plant to get organic carbon content to produce wool. This helps in a continuous and healthy carbon cycle. The production process also doesn’t require any harmful chemicals or emit harmful gases as well. The material is quite durable and it can last you a long time. If you get bored then you can recycle it or can be reused it as well. If they do get damaged in the long run then you can easily decompose them. Wool is a biodegradable material. When the wool is decomposed properly it slowly releases good nutrients into the soil making it more fertile. You dont have to wash the wool frequently compare to other products, so no harmful chemical for the detergent is released into the sea and the water waste is also reduced.

UV Protection

Wool can also provide a protective layer from the UV rays. It absorbs the UV rays from the sun. Many people have suffered from skin cancer due to a lack of UV protection. So, wool can be extra protection for your skin when walking under the sun.

To Sum Up,

We can say that if you are looking for something that can keep you both warm and cool depending on the weather without compromising the environment and the animals then wool is the one for you. As mentioned above wool has many great benefits. It is worth the amount you pay. So, join the wool community and take a step toward sustainability in style and comfort.        
Arun Sapkota

Arun Sapkota

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