Why Wear Wool?- Benefits of Wearing Wool

“Wool material is itchy to my skin. I can’t wear them for a long time” – you might have heard many people saying you. Well, know that it is a myth. Unless you are allergic to the material it doesn’t make you itchy. Like this, wool has established many bad reputations. Many believe wool is […]

How is Yarn Made? How to Turn Wool into Yarn

Yarn is the first step to making a beautiful piece of fabric. It can be made from both natural fibers and synthetic fibers. What is yarn? Well, yarn is a continuous length of interlocked fibers. The fibers are twisted together from the spinning process. The type of twist also determines the quality and the texture […]

Why Do Cats Groom or Lick So Much?

If you have owned a cat for a long time then you must be aware of your cat’s distinct behavior of licking itself for a long time. You might have guessed that they are cleaning themselves. You are right to a certain extent but sometimes there is more than simple grooming for your cat licks […]