Cool Facts You MUST Know About Sheep and Wool

Wool is one of the favorite materials of many people. The different benefits and the versatility of the wool allow it to be used for different purposes. This has made it favored by many people. We all know that most of the wool is usually obtained from sheep. In this blog, we are going to talk about different cool facts related to sheep and wool. The list is very long. See which facts you already knew and which are new to you.

Cool Facts about Sheep

Here are some cool facts about sheep: – Sheep usually have a life span of about 8 years old. – Sheep have a 270° radius view. A human has a 170° radius view. So, a sheep is able to see about 3/4th of the circle. – Each sheep have their own flight zone. A space where sheep don’t allow anything to come. It alerts the sheep to get away from the danger. The distance varies from sheep to sheep. – Like most animals sheep use different sounds to communicate their different emotions and messages. This also allows the farmer to know whether the sheep are in pain or sad. – Sheep do not have front teeth. The hard mouth surface and the split between the lips make up for the missing teeth. The sheep are able to eat the grass close to the round and pick the preferred leaves. – Do you know that there is a specific name for sheep of different gender and age? Female sheep are called ewes, male sheep are called rams, baby sheep are called lambs, and a group of sheep is called a flock. – A one-year-old sheep is called a hogget and a two-year-old sheep is called a two-tooth. – The fat from the sheep is used to make candles and soap. The fat is called tallow which is cooked to purify it and then poured into a mold. – Sheep is not only used for wool but for its meat and milk as well. The milk is usually used to prepare gourmet cheese. – A single tennis racket needs about 11 sheep’s small intestines. – Some sheep of the flock are more attracted to the same sex. About 8% of male sheep prefer other male sheep even in the presence of fertile female sheep. – A male Texel Sheep named Deveronvale Perfection was the most expensive sheep which was sold in 2009 for $425,000. – Sheep is a quite intelligent animal. They can remember about faces of 50 sheep for two years and even the human faces. – There are about 900 different breeds of sheep. Merino is one of the famous breeds. The wool produced from the different sheep also varies. – Sheep can self-medicate themselves with the use of plants and other substances to treat or prevent the disease. They teach this to your young ones as well. – Sheep are animals with emotions, they experience fear, anger, rage, despair, boredom, and happiness. – Sheep can form a deep connection with their fellow sheep. They form a  deep friendship and stand up for each other during fights and grieve when they go missing.

Cool Facts about Wool

Here are some cool facts about wool: – The wool has been in use since Stone Age. – The grease, called Lanolin is obtained from the wool of the sheep. It is used in different lotions and cosmetics. – The wool is sheared once a year from the sheep. A sheep can produce about eight to ten pounds of wool per year. –  Hilton Barrett, an Australian shearer holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to shear a single mature sheep at an amazing 39.31 seconds. The record was set at the Wellington Show 2010 in Wellington, New South Wales on 1 May 2010. – The most wool-producing country is Australia which produces about 284,000 tonnes of wool per year. – Wool is free resistant, which means that it has a high ignition point of about 1,382° F. – Wool fiber can withstand being folded and bent 20,000 times without tearing or breaking. This makes it durable and flexible compared to other fibers. – Under the EU rules, a product can be labeled pure wool or 100% wool if it has no more than 5% unintended impurities. – A single fiber of wool is thinner than the single strand of hair. – Beside sheep, wool can be obtained form other animals which have fur like goat, alpacas, rabbit, camels, yaks and many more. – Spinning wool into thread started about 5,000 years ago. – Inside a baseball, the core of the baseball is wrapped with 150 yards of the wool yarn. – Most fireproof clothes are wool-lined to reduce the chances of being burned. – Wools can soak up oils and can be squeezed out easily. You can use the wool as sponge again and again.
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