5 Benefits of Having a Dog Bed for your Dog

Dog sleeping in his orange bad by the night light
Have you ever slept so well, that you feel like waking up refreshed and ready for the day? Good sleep depends on a good bed. Like every human, your pet dog also needs good sleep to be ready and active for the day. A dog requires an average of 12 to 18  hours of sleep a day. So, it is obvious for a dog to have a bed of its own to sleep. We have noticed that many dog owners think that a floor is enough for the dog to sleep. Just think about it, when you sometime sleep in a less comfortable bed, you barely feel refreshed, then how much more uncomfortable it is for your dog to sleep on the hard and cold floor every day. So dog bed is a necessity for your dog. Not only because your dog can sleep comfortably but for other various reasons. Here we have listed the benefits of having a dog bed for your dog and for you also.

Beneficial for Dog’s Health

It is not good for the dog to sleep on hard surfaces. And bed made from old blankets and pillows may also not be enough for the dog to sleep on. It won’t provide enough support that is needed. The uneven and hard surface also causes sleep-wake syndrome in your dog. It disturbs the sleep of the dog and irregular sleep may develop the habit of being irritated at human beings and lazy even to play. As your dog gets old, there are chances of developing joint problems, arthritis, and dysplasia. So, a comfy dog bed ensures good support for them when napping or sleeping. This minimizes the pain that comes with old age problems and your dog is able to sleep comfortably. Dog beds are also good for the mental health of a dog. Dog bed provides a sense of security to those dog suffering from anxiety. Proper rest helps calm their anxiety.

Improve Sleep of the Dog and the Human

It is cute to see your dog lay beside you and sleep with you. You must be wondering if your dog sleeps beside you because they want to be with you or they are showing their affection towards you. It is true but the main reason that your dog loves to lay on your bed is because of the comfort. When your dog is laying on your bed, they move around and turn here and there, this may disturb your sleep. This is not good for your sleep cycle. You also need a comfy bed for yourself to get adequate sleep. Just like every human being dogs also need privacy and a silent environment to sleep. They need to rest for more than ten hours to gain energy. So, a dog bed provides them a perfect place to retreat from all the disturbances like human interaction, mischievous children, and other pet housemates. You are also able to get good sleep.

Provides Warmth

No one likes to sleep on a cold floor, the same goes for your dog. In winter the floors are ice cold and in summer it also doesn’t feel nice. You need a warm place for your dog to snuggle during winter and a comfy place away from the extreme heat during summer. So, the dog bed comes to the rescue. Get a dog bed to alleviate the problem. During summer you can place a cool pad on top of the dog bed to cool down your dog.

Protects your Furniture

Sometimes dogs have the habit of kneading and circling around the place they are about lay. What if they do the same action in your expensive furniture? You cannot blame your dog for doing so. Cleaning their fur and the dirt they collected from exploring outside can also be tiresome and sometimes a simple vacuum doesn’t do the job. So, getting a dog bed for your cat minimizes the problems. You might need a few practices to introduce your dog to the bed. But trust us they will love it as they get used to it.

Prevents Injury

Dogs are strong animals when they are young but as they age they start to have weak bones and are unable to function properly as they used to. So climbing higher places like beds, sofas, and chairs can be hard for your dog. They may injure themselves when bouncing on tall places. Most dog beds are made at low height, making it comfortable for your dog to lay without injuring itself. The dog bed also provides comfort to the joints of your dog.

Choosing the Best Dog Bed

Choosing the right dog bed for your dog is as important as getting one. There are different options available in the market, so you must keep a few things in mind to buying a dog bed. Here we have listed some key points to keep in mind when getting a dog bed.


There are dogs of different sizes. Some can be tall, some can be short. Some dogs can be on the chinkier side whereas some can be on the skinnier side. Dog beds are available in different sizes. It is important to get a dog bed that fits your dog. Your dog’s head and limbs shouldn’t be hanging when keeping them on the bed.


Choosing a durable and washable dog bed is crucial. You don’t want your dog bed to get damaged easily by a few washes. The dog bed should also be also able to sustain the chewing habit, and sharp nails of the dog. Dog beds are made from different materials suitable for specific purposes. Like if your dog has the habit of chewing and scratching then woven materials are perfect. For old-aged dogs memory foam beds to support their head and for the comfort of their bones are perfect. If your dog drools a lot or is not potty trained then materials which are easy to wash are suitable for the dog.


Choosing an eco-friendly dog bed is encouraged for every dog owner. As there have been many cases of increased effects on the environment due to human action. There are different options available on eco-friendly beds. You can look for eco-friendly options for your dog.

Felt Dog Bed

If you are looking for a durable yet stylish dog bed then a felt dog bed is a great option. Felt dog beds are made from wool. They have many benefits for your dog. – Durable. – They are water-resistant, heat resistant, and dust resilient. – Easy to clean. – Prevents odor and harmful bacteria build-up. – Eco-friendly Looking for a good quality felt dog bed then check out our products. They have a wide range of dog beds to choose from at a reasonable price.
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