Amazing Ways to use Felt Products!

Do you know that felt can be used for various purposes? As one of the characteristics of wool being versatile, there are different ways to use felt products. Some can be DIY and some are already available in the market. In this blog, we will talk about different uses and how to use them. First of all, let’s talk about felt.

What is felt?

When the fibers of certain materials are matted together to form a stiff fabric is called felt. Different external forces lie heat, agitation, and moisture are applied to bind the fibers together. Felt fabric can be obtained from different types of fiber like wool, cotton, and synthetic ones. Wool felt is the most common felt that is used widely. With the different qualities of wool, it has been a favorite of many. Wool is felted using a different method. A common one is the needle felting and the wet felting method.

Use of Felt Products

Now comes the different ways to use felt products. You might be already aware of some uses whereas some can be new for you.

Home Decor

Felt products are a staple piece for home decor. The durability and the availability of different products allow us to use felt products religiously in our home decor. There are many decorative pieces like rugs, coasters, trivets, cushions, and many more which can be used depending on the ambiance you are looking for. The products are available in different designs, colors, and sizes. YOu can also customize the designs based on your preference. This allows your creative mind to work on decorating your home. It will also make you happy. With new trends coming and going in the interior decor of the home, felt products are perfect. Felt is also used to create different trendy furniture. The chairs are uniquely designed and in many colors. They are quite durable and provide great comfort to the person sitting on them.

Holiday Decors

Holidays are always fun. Meeting your friends and families and celebrating together. The best part is preparing for the holidays, like decorating your home. You can use felt products to decorate. You can find different decorating elements based on the theme of the holiday. Decorative items made from plastics are mostly for one-time use. They are discarded after a single use. This has taken great effects on the environment. On the other hand, Felt products are quite durable and reusable. You don’t need to discard it at the end of the holiday. You can store them nicely and reuses them again. You can pass it to your kids and they can use it for their holiday.


Felt products can be made into great toys for your kids and for your pets as well. Felt toys are made from wool, so it is safe when the kids and not kept inside their mouth. There are also ready-made toys available in the market. You can find them in different shapes, cartoon characters, and colors. Most toys made from plastic can get damaged easily and also it is not good for the environment. Most of the time the thrown plastic toys end up in landfills or water bodies. Whereas Felt products can survive harsh tears and pull. They are hard to damage and are easy to clean. They are reusable and biodegradable. So, you dont have to worry about it degrading the environment.

Stationery Items

Felt can be turned into different covers and purses for your stationery items. Felt purses for your stationery like pencils, pens, and other stationery items are great. The thickness of the felt keeps it safe and prevent form breaking. Y0u can carry an eco-friendly and practical pencil purse. Felt covers are also great for mobile, and laptops. Since felt is soft, it does not scratch the screen of your devices. It keeps your mobile cool and lowers the chance of breaking in the fall. In many schools in Nepal where chalk is used to write on the board, felt is used as an eraser. Felt easily erases the chalk from the board.


In an outfit, accessories can make or break the whole look. It holds great power in what you wear. We like accessories that complement our outfits. Sometimes finding the right accessory can be hard and customizing it might cost you more money but won’t last for long Felt is the most budget-friendly and durable option. Felt can be made into pretty bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. They are added to other accessories to enhance the look. Like adding a felt flower or butterfly on the hairpins. Different color and design options also allow you to explore more and find the right one.

 Cat and Dog Houses

Felt can be turned into great pet houses. It is perfect for your pets to rest, chill and play. Felt houses are great for the well-being of your pet animals as well. If you are a cat owner then you might have heard about felt caves designed for cats and dogs. The sizes of these caves are customizable depending on the size of your pet. The felt cave is full of benefits for your pets.
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Wall Panels

Felt can suffice noise to some extent. It absorbs the sound and prevents transferring outside. This is why in many soundproof rooms, felt is used as a wall panel. The colorful option also makes the felt a decorative sound barrier for the room.

Other Uses

There are other many uses of felts as well. Felts are used in the casino to give that luxurious feel. You might have noticed in many movies that a green felt is used on the surfaces of the gaming tables. The felt is machine felted which makes them more smooth compared to the hand felted one. Different felt products are also used as photography props to capture beautiful photos. Like the felt balls which are used to provide the color for the photographs.

To Sum Up,

Felt cant be used in various ways. If you keep on exploring the felt industry then you would be shocked o know how felt is used industrially. With good qualities, felt is the best option. It is good for the environment and can last you a long time. You have various options to choose from. So, why not start using felt products if you haven’t started yet. You can check out the Woollyfelt website to find great quality products.
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