Does Felt Shoes Make Your Feet Irritated?

Does Felt Shoes Make Your Feet Irritated

Some people for whom this may be the case are those with sensitive feet or those who wear Felt Shoes and find their feet irritated.

They also further note that when selecting shoes, comfort is of utmost importance. As you think about having felt shoes, you would probably like to know that they may result to the irritation of your feet. So, let us focus on this issue more to be able to provide you with an informed decision at the end of the day.

It is kind of comforting to know that felt shoes exist somewhere out there waiting to be worn.

Felt shoes are extremely comfortable and warm, but it is essential to remember that they are soft and thus susceptible to wearing out more quickly under the right circumstances. Its a natural insulator and my feet are warm even in the cooler months without needing thick socks and to wear.

Breathability and Moisture Control

Another aspect that is very important when it comes to shoes is how they perform in terms of handling moisture of one form or another. Due to the fact that felt is derived from the natural resources it is possible to remark that it is fully breathable. This means that it produces convection so that air can pass through it eliminating the tendency to develop or cause sweating. However, the only disadvantage that could be associated with felt shoes is that it may not be as vented as other synthetic material created for usage in high ventilation.

Potential for Irritation

Whether felt shoes will irritate your feet largely depends on a few factors-

Quality of the Felt: The felt used should not pose a problem of irritation, the better felt the better. Felt C is finer than felt b and absolutely free from any roughness which may be found in lower classes of felt.

Fit and Design: Product fit is therefore very important, As for footwear, the shoes should fit the feet accurately. Tight shoes create friction with the skin leading to rubbing and blisters while on the other hand loose shoes also leads to frictions hence uneasiness. When it comes to felt shoes, one should choose the type that fits well and possibly most of the shoes made of felt should have good support.

Personal Sensitivity: Sensitive skin is a term that can be attributed to some people, but not to many of them as well. This type of shoe can be a little harsh on sensitive skin or those who are allergic particularly to certain types of chemicals used in making the shoes so when first purchasing, it is advisable to wear them for short periods of time to check on it’s compatibly with ones skin.

Taking care of felt shoes
It is also important to prevent irritation by providing proper care to the affected skin area. To sum up, proper care of the felt shoes is useful for preserving the softness of the material and avoiding its turning into an abrasive. Wiping them off with a piece of cloth and airing them out now and then can greatly enhance the comfort level.

In conclusion, felt shoes may feel very comfortable and keep the feet warm but it may cause some irritation which depends with the quality of felt used in the making of the shoes ,their design and your capacity to handle the shoes. It is not necessary to suffer from felt during the winter when it is so warm and comfortable,  select your felt shoes of the highest quality and wear them in comfortable sizes.
You are welcome to choose from our various assortment of handmade felt products that has been made with keenness to give you the comfort you need for your feet.

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