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In the cold weather wool is our best friend. It is the only thing that we can rely on to stay warm. From hats, sweaters, and socks, we prefer to wear wool products from head to toe. In this blog, we are going to specially talk about woolen hats. We enjoy a hat in the coldest weather to keep our heads and ear warm and cozy. We can find different styles and designs. There is one for everyone. Wearing hats has its own advantages but many back off wearing the hats even in the coldest weather. Why do they do so? What makes them stay away from the hats even in the freezing cold weather? Well, the answer is simple, hats are famous for damaging your hair. Mostly when the hat is used regularly it has effects on the scalp and the hair. Tight hats can lead to more than just a messed-up hairstyle.

Effects of Hats

Here are some effects that can be caused due to regular use of hats:

Damaged Hair

When we wear hats the strands of our hair get stuck on the fibers of wool. The hair gets pulled and the friction from hair rubbing against the hat causes the hair to break easily. When you are wearing a tight-fit hat it causes the hair gets pulled down and it weakens the hair follicle. The repeated action of pulling the hat and taking it off also encourages weak hair. It leads to hair breakage and split ends.

Oily Scalp and Hair

When wearing a hat our scalp and the hair get suffocated. This makes your scalp produce excessive oil. So after wearing a beanie or a hat you might notice your head being oilier faster compare to the times you don’t wear a hat. This causes your hair to look dirty and flat. Your fresh hairstyle also gets ruined. So, due to this many prefer to have their head freezing than oily.

Loss of Hair

Our hair is like a field that needs oxygen and sun to grow plants. Likewise, our scalp also requires proper circulation of air and moisture to grow healthy hair. When wearing hats our scalp is unable to breathe and the hats also absorb the moisture from the scalp leading to dr hair. This weakens the hair fiber and leads to breakage. It is not scientifically proven that wearing a hat causes hair loss but it does have quite effects in encouraging such. The tight hat clings onto the hair and can break when you take it off. The friction from the hat also leads to hair breakage. The tight hats also can cut off the circulation of blood and prevents the nutrients from reaching the hair follicles. So, the scalp does not get enough nutrients to grow healthy hair.

Ruins Hairstyle

You have your fresh set of hair. You are feeling good about yourself. But if you are to wear a hat then it is likely that your hair will get ruined. You might feel that you would rather stay cold rather than ruin your hairstyle. Well, you are only not the one.

Wearing Hat in a Safe Way

The above mentioned are the reasons why many do not like wearing hats. Don’t worry, we got you. You can wear a hat and still keep your hair on your head. Here are some tips you can follow to keep your hair protected even when you are wearing a hat.

Choosing a Quality Hat

The quality of the hair also plays a role in how it affects your hair. A hat with great quality is less likely to damage your hair. Hats made from 100% natural fibers like cotton and wool are good for the scalp and the hair. The cotton hat is breathable perfect to be worn in the summer season and the wool hats will keep your scale warm in winter. Some winter hats are also available covered with a satin cloth on the inside to protect the hair. Satin is the same as silk and causes less to no friction as it moves with the hair. A quality hat might cost you more than the normal one but it is worth the price. You can find quality hats from Woollyfelt here!

Keep the Hat Clean

Our hair is prone to producing oils, sweat, and other things which can cause your hat to get dirty. So it is crucial to clean your hat. When the clean scalp is exposed to these things then it can cause irritation, infection, and hair loss problems. Cleaning the hats can play a great role in preventing hair thinning and hair loss.

Providing Additional Nourishment

Like a horse built on a good foundation is believed to be strong, a hair with a good foundation also prevents any damage to the hair. A nourished hair is a good foundation for the hair. It is important that your hair gets all the needed nutrients. A diet that supports hair growth,  taking hair growth vitamins, and using products like conditioners that moisturize the exterior part of the hair strand. This can keep your hair strong and prevent any exterior damage.

Taking Breaks

Wearing a hat for a long time increases the chance of your hair getting damaged and falling from your head. To minimize the effect, remove your hat when you are indoors. Look for opportunities when it is not needed to wear the hat. This allows your scalp and the hair to breathe and minimizes the chance of getting damaged.

To Sum Up,

Wearing hats is not as scary as many people believe it to be. There are safe ways to wear your hats. Style your hats the way you prefer and stay comfy and warm. Pair your hats with your favorite outfit or anything that you prefer. There are wide options of hats to choose from and at reasonable prices.
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