Common Mistakes that Destroy Felt Products

You might own a felt product or you are engaged in the felt business. In the process of owning the felt products, you might have faced problems when using them or storing them. Don’t worry you are not the only one. You might not be aware of the mistakes that have destroyed your products. In this blog, we have broken down the mistakes that can lead to the wear and tear of the felt products. Felt products are one of the trendy products nowadays. Due to its versatility and quality, it has been favored by a lot and is widely used from home décor items to fashion statements. They are suitable in both hot and cold weather and can last you a longer period despite multiple uses. Many people have this disbelief that felt products require extreme care and are hard to store. That is not true, the only reason that the products are damaged is the poor maintenance and improper storage of the products. Here we have listed the mistakes that many people tend to make so that you won’t repeat the same mistakes.

Mistakes that destroy felt products

Let’s find out some of the mistakes that will destroy or decrease the quality of felt products.

Exposing to High Heat

Felt products are flame resistant and don’t burn easily. But it doesn’t mean that they do good when exposed to extreme heat. When the felt products are used at extreme temperatures then it can damage your products. The fire doesn’t burn the felt products like paper nor melts or drip like plastics but it produces smolders. This distorts the shape and size of the felt products and creates an ugly black mark on the felt products. Not only fire but the source of extreme heat can also affect the felt products. Like if the felt products are kept in sun for a long time then the color starts to fade and if you use extremely hot water to clean your felt products then it can shrink your products. If you also use external heat to rapidly dry the felt products then it also can damage the felt product which might be also hard to restore. So do not expose your felt products to an extremely hot environment.

Improper Washing Methods

Your felt products get dirty with time so it is crucial to wash them to keep them clean and fresh. Washing felt products are simple but there are a few minor things that we should keep in mind when washing them. Sometimes big pieces of fabric get stuck in the felt products. It is important to shake them off using a soft-bristled brush or a vacuum cleaner in a low setting. This prevents the debris from being engraved deep in the felt products when washing. For minor stains, you can spot clean them to prevent any unwanted external disturbance. When washing them use warm water rather than hot water. Hot water can damage the quality, shape, and size of the felt products. Many also make the mistake of using harsh, full of chemical detergent to clean their felt products. The chemical damages the fibers of felt products and it wouldn’t last you for a long time. So it is best to use mild soap or detergent with no harsh chemicals like bleach to clean your felt products without causing any damage. When cleaning harsh movement like wringing and squeezing is also not recommended. This can also cause extreme damage to the felt products. The fiber may fall apart and weaken the durability of your felt products. So it is better to use gentle movements when cleaning them.

Pest Infestation

Felt products are made of natural fibers which attract pests and insects like a moth. They feed on the wool and damage your felt products. Once your products get exposed to pests it can be quite hard to get rid of them. So it’s better to keep your product safe from being infested and it is easy to do so. With better storage procedures you can prevent pests and insects. Store your felt products in an airtight and clean container. Make sure your felt products are not wet when storing and no debris has clung on the felt products. Debris is also one of the reasons to attract the pest. Another alternative way is to store it in a breathable cotton bag. There are other ways you can keep moth away from your felt products is by using lavender scents and cedar hangers.

Exposure to Moisture and Humidity

Felt products are water resilient. This is one of the main reasons why many love using felting products. They also can absorb water without being affected but if you leave the products in a wet state for a long time then it can highly damage the product and also disorient the shape and size of the felt products. The product loses its durability and won’t last you a long time. The humidity from the water also causes your product to develop mold as they are made of natural fibers. So if they do get wet then it is best to let them dry before using it. Place them in a shady area to dry and do not use any heater or dryer for rapid drying the products.

Exposing to Bright Light

Colorful felt products are candy to our eyes. They brighten up any area that it is placed in. Wool is not colorful naturally but they are later dyed using a different color. The dyeing quality may vary depending on the wool that it is used on and the price. This dye does not easily get washed off and can last a long time, as long as your felt products last. They do have weak points. You might have noticed that sometimes the color of clothes fades after washing them and drying them. The light from the sunlight is the main cause of that. When the sunlight is very bright then it fades the color. So if the felt products are placed in bright places for a long time then the color fade which makes the felt product ugly. So felt products should not be dried in a sunny area or kept in a place that receives bright light most of the time.


So taking care of felt products is easy. You just need to keep a few things in mind. You need to protect your products from heat, pests, bright lights, and prevent them from being wet for a long time. If you prevent these few mistakes then your felt products last you a long time. So get yourself felt products from the Woollyfelt website. We have varieties of felt products in different styles catering to every taste. They are the best quality wool and are very durable.
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