Do Dogs Like Wearing Clothes?

Are you trying to put on an outfit for your cute dog but not sure whether they like it or not? Well, they do and they don’t. Not every dog is built the same, so the idea of liking it or not depends on the dog. You must be keen on putting your dog in extravagant outfits but at the same time don’t want to make your dog unhappy. So how do you know whether your dog is liking its clothes? Don’t you worry! We have got answers to that. In this blog, you’ll read about how to know whether your dog likes it or not. In addition to that, you’ll also find out when it is okay to put clothes on your dog and when it is not. First of all, let’s see how you can know whether your dog is liking the outfit.

How to know whether your dog likes to wear clothes?

When making your dog try new things, you don’t want to make your dog do something that has a negative effect on them. The same goes for making it wear new clothes.  You want to make sure it doesn’t make your dog uncomfortable or create any sort of uneasiness. If your dog is new to wearing clothes then it is important to know whether your dog is comfortable in the clothes. If he is uncomfortable then he will show it through his behavior. He might try to bite the clothes, shake them off his body or walk in an awkward position. If you notice your dog is not happy with the piece of clothing, it’s better you take it off. Give some time to your dog until he becomes comfortable with the feel of clothes on his body. Try to make wearing clothes a positive experience for your dog. Providing treats when putting clothes on them is a great way to do so.  Even if it takes a lot of time for him to do so, do not force them. Not all dogs feel the same. If your dog shows a positive reaction and your dog is comfortable, then good for you and for your dog. Your dog likes wearing clothes and your wish of seeing him in an extravagant outfit is completed. You can also experiment with different fun outfits.

Is it Necessary for Dogs to Wear Clothes?

There is no specific answer to that. Dogs are naturally born with coats that can protect them from any weather, so they do not really need clothes. But sometimes in an exceptional situation, your dog may need an extra layer of clothes. Here we have listed those situations your dog might need clothes.

Thin Fur and Low Body Fat

If you own a dog that is short-haired or has no fur at all, you will need to put on clothes to make him warm in the cold weather. Their own coat won’t be enough for your dog to stay warm. Your dog’s size, breed, and age will also determine what is necessary for him to stay warm. If you live in the coldest region of the earth and your dog has low body fat then putting on clothes is also recommended. Their body fat alone won’t be enough to produce enough energy to stay warm in the cold weather. You can find different clothes and accessories designed for your dog. They are nicely designed for the dog’s body to provide comfort and warmth at the same time.

Elderly Dog

Like every living being on the earth, dogs’ metabolism and health conditions also start to decline as they get older. Due to this, they struggle during the cold. They have different issues like getting sick easily and they are also not active enough as before. They also have a hard time going outside. Despite their age and the cold weather, it is important to keep them active. So, putting on clothes can be a great help to keep them warm and encourage them to be active like walking outside and playing. We can find different ranges of clothes that are designed for older dogs. Find the one that is perfect for your dog and keep them comfortable.

Has certain Medical Condition

If your dog suffers from certain medical conditions like skin allergies, infection, or any sort of wound then putting clothes on him is a great idea. Many dogs try to itch their affected area which may cause additional irritation. So, put on a comfy outfit for your dog to prevent that. It will protect the affected area from any sort of further irritation. When choosing the clothes, make sure the clothes materials are soft and washable. Try asking for suggestions from your vet doctor. They will help you in finding the safest material for your dog ansn also clothes which won’t make the problem worse.

Suffering from Anxiety

Dogs also suffer from anxiety. The cause of anxiety can be anything, like abandonment, loud noises, fear of being left alone, and being around strange people. Whatever the cause may be, it is important to give extra care to your dog when he suffers from anxiety. Clothes also help in calming him when he is anxious and stressed. The sensation of being held from the firm tightness and warmth of the clothes can calm the dog. The clothes also make them feel safe and secure. These type of clothes can be a bit pricey but is worth the happiness you are giving to your dog.

When is it not Acceptable to put Clothes on your Dog?

Some situations may allow you to put clothes on your dog. But there are some situations which make it a complete NO NO  to wearing clothes. It is not acceptable to put clothes on your dog in the following situation.

Dog is Scared

You wouldn’t want to break your relationship with your dog just for the sake of seeing them in clothes. As we have mentioned before, not every dog has a positive response to wearing clothes. Some may be scared or uncomfortable. If you notice your dog is scared when you try putting clothes on him then hold back. You don’t want to chase your dog away. It might also mean that there is a lack of trust in your dog towards his human owner. Try building trust with your dog and why not postpone the outfit idea to some other time.

Clothing is Limiting

Finding the right-sized clothes is important for your dog. The clothing that you put on your dog shouldn’t limit the movement of your dog. He should be able to run, jump here and there, and play freely. If the clothing is too tight or too loose then it will harm your dog. Tight clothes may suffocate and overheat your dog whereas loose clothes increase the chance of getting injured. If the clothing is not the right one for your dog then do not force him to wear one.

How to make your Dog wear Clothes?

If your dog shows the signs of no interest in wearing clothes but you are keen on making them wear one then we recommend you follow the following tips. These tips will not make your dog wear clothes immediately but with patience, it might work.

Make it Enjoyable

Make wearing clothes an enjoyable experience for your dog. Why not include treats whenever you are putting clothes on them. Providing treats is a great way to train your dog. The timing of giving treats also plays important role in training dogs into new habits. Treat them whenever they do what you wanted them to do. If you have successfully put clothes on your dog then wait for a few seconds then treat them. This encourages them to stay in the outfit for a bit longer time. With patience and frequent practice, you won’t need treats to make them wear clothes in the future. Remember, do not scold or shout at your dog when doing so. You don’t want to make them scared and chase them away. Show patience and in no time you will see your dog in cute outfits.

Provide Clothes that Fit Perfectly

Get the right-sized clothes for your dog. If the clothing is not right-sized then it wont make your dog comfortable. One great way to find the right size of clothing is to measure your dog. You will need a few measurements and you are good to go to find the perfect clothes for your dog. You will need the measurement of the following. – Length from neck to tail – Chest Girth – Neck – Chest Measurement Also, keep in mind that the clothes shouldn’t touch the private parts of the dog. Some dogs do not like that and you would also not want your dog to wet his clothes when relieving himself.

The Material should be Pet Friendly

The materials used for making the outfit should be pet friendly. Materials like silk, linen, rayon, and acetate are to be avoided completely. There are also different safe and good options for pet clothes. Materials like microfiber, acrylic, wool, and leather are the best fabrics for dogs.

In Short,

It all depends on the dog when liking wearing clothes. Not all dogs would like to wear clothes but some can be trained to do so. Do not ever force your dog do to something that they do not want to do. The same goes for making them wear clothes. You can make your dog like wearing clothes but it needs your great patience and a lot of treats. Some situations may call for an extra layer of clothes but some may suggest you to hold back. So, try to read the situation nicely and act on that. Try your best to keep your dog happy and comfortable.      
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