Are Wool Carpets the Best Carpet?- Pros and Cons

wool carpet
Want to buy a carpet for your living space but don’t know which one to choose? Well, you are not the one. When buying a carpet, there are varieties of materials, colors, designs, and styles to choose from which makes deciding hard. The popular carpets are made from materials like nylon, wool, acrylic, polyester, and many more. Among those options, wool carpets might have caught your interest but don’t know much about the wool carpet. Then you should read this blog. Here we have mentioned all the pros and cons of wool carpets.

About Wool Carpets

Wool is widely known for its great benefits. From being durable, heat resistant, odor-resistant, and eco-friendly, wool has earned quite a good name in the textile industry. As it is also one of the oldest materials that are widely used now.
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Products like a carpet made from wool are sure to carry different benefits of the wool. Wool carpet has been used for hundreds of years. It has been a symbol of luxury since the old times and can be considered a natural and traditional floor covering material. Wool carpets can be found in different types the common one being the 100% wool carpet and the latter being the wool blend. Wool blend carpets are also called 80/20 wool where 80% wool is mixed with 20% synthetic fiber. In this blog, we are going to talk about the 100% wool carpet.

Pros of Wool Carpet

Everything has its pros and cons. First of all, let’s look at the pros of the wool carpet.

Naturally Durable

Wool carpets are durable naturally. The natural crimp a the elasticity of the wool allows the carpet to retain its original shape when a heavy object is placed on it. So, unlike other synthetic fabrics, you don’t have to worry about getting your carpet getting flat as the time passes. The wool carpets are quite a resilience making them last you for a long time.

Repels Dirt and Stains

Wool can naturally repels dirt and stains. The presence of natural oil in the fiber called Lanolin repels the soil that does not get mixed with the oil.  Likewise, the naturally dark color of the wool fiber masks the stains easily. This gives your carpet a clean look even when it has stains.

Environment Friendly

Production of wool and the carpet is an environment-friendly process. There is less use of electricity and chemicals compared to synthetic ones. So, no harmful chemicals are produced when producing the wool carpet. Wool carpet is also naturally biodegradable. So, it doesn’t increase the pollution but rather gets mixed up with nature after the fiber breaks down into bio-degradable properties. A single wool carpet also lasts you for a long time and you don’t have to buy a new one in a short time. So, the chance of wool carpets ending up in landfills is minimized.

Fire Resistant and Inflammable

Wool carpets are fire-resistant and inflammable. The fiber of the wool has a slow ignition rate, meaning it won’t burn fast. The fiber of the wool also melts rather than burning which slows or prevents the burning process. So, wool carpet is the safest option to be placed in the home and in the living area.


Wool carpets are hypoallergenic. The materials are safe for animals and for humans. Even if there is dust on the carpet you don’t have to worry about having an allergy. The minute scales hold the dust until it is vacuumed. This prevents any irritation and minimizes the chances of dust allergy. The dust can be easily removed by using a vacuum cleaner. The wool carpet also has the ability to balance the atmosphere of the room it is in. When there is high humidity, it absorbs the humidity in the air and then releases it back when the atmosphere is dry. So, wool is also considered natural smart fiber.

Easy to Clean

Wool carpets are easy to clean. You can remove the dust by simply using a vacuum with soft bristles or even wash it yourself using mild detergent and water. They can be air-dried in a shady area. If you are not confident or do not have time to wash your carpet yourself then you can also seek professional help. It might cost you a few more bucks but they get the job done perfectly. The professionals are trained to clean the carpet nicely.

Wide Variety of Options

Wool carpet has a variety of options to choose from. Depending on the manufacturing process, color, and the design of the carpet you can choose the one that fit your taste. There are felted carpets, knotted carpets, tufted carpets, and woven carpets. Some carpets are either handmade or some are machine-made. The cost of the carpets might differ depending on the manufacturing process, design, and the size of the carpet.

Super Colorfast

The wool carpets are capable of sustaining their color for a long period of time. The molecular structure of the wool allows the fiber to lock the dye in it. So, it is easy to dye the carpet any color. The color also does not fade easily. The crisp color of the carpet lasts you for a long period of time.

Comfort and Warmth

If you are looking for something to make your space warm and cozy then a wool carpet is the one for you. Wool carpets are great insulators of heat, this allows the carpet to provide warmth to your feet. The springy properties of the carpets give great comfort to your feet and to your body when you sit on them.

Cons of Wool Carpet

Nothing is perfect, so the wool carpet. There are fewer cons of wool carpets compared to the pros. Here are some of the cons of  wool carpets. – A good quality wool carpet is likely to cost you twice the normal carpets. So, it is expensive. – Prone to damage when detergent with alkaline substances is used. – Lack of care can lead to insect infestation. – When kept in a damp or wet area for a longer period of time can damage the carpet.

Things to Consider Before Buying Wool Carpet

After being aware of the pros and cons of the wool carpet, there are a few other things to consider before buying a wool carpet.  Here are the things that should be considered.

Quality of the Wool

The wool carpet should be of high quality and it should be made of 100% natural wool. The carpet made from pure wool is stronger compared to the synthetic ones. Like the fiber used in making the carpet. Longer fiber makes a strong and sturdy carpet compared to the shorter fiber. When selecting the color of the carpet, we should be mindful. The bright color of the carpet gives a clean and uniform design. Sometimes many manufacturers lighten the wool using bleach which degrades the quality of the fiber. So, it is better to choose wool that is not bleached.

Manufacturing Process

As mentioned above, carpets are manufactured through different processes. Choosing a carpet that is manufactured properly is crucial to obtaining a durable carpet. If possible you can visit the local carpet manufacturer and explore how the carpet is made. This helps you get a better picture of how you want your carpet to be made.

To Sum Up,

Wool carpets have both pros and cons. If you are planning to get a wool carpet then we hope these pros and cons will help you determine whether to buy the wool carpets. Also, take into consideration the things you are looking for in a wool carpet. There are different trusted manufacturers you can buy wool carpets from. If you are looking for felt ball rugs then you can check out the Woollyfelt site.
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