Do Male Cats Have Nipples? All You Need to Know About!

male cats have nipples
Cat is one of the loved pet animals all around the world. They are available in different species you can choose from. They are human’s best friends like dogs. Many people have one question in their minds. Do male cats have nipples? The simple answer to this question is, yes male cats also have nipples like every female cat. Unlike a female cat, their nipple does not serve a purpose. Like most mammals, both sexes have nipples despite having any use. Both the male and female cat bear from six to eight nipples. You might be shocked to see that the nipple of a male is quite similar to that of a non-pregnant female cat.

Nipple and its Purpose

The nipple is the protuberance of a mammary gland upon which in the female the lactiferous ducts open and from which milk is drawn. The skin of the nipple rests on a thin layer of smooth muscle, areolar muscle fibers. The main purpose of the nipple is to deliver milk from the ducts in the mammary gland to young ones.

Why does Male Cat have Nipples?- Scientific Reason

When a female cat gets pregnant, the embryo develops nipples during the early stages of development of the embryo before the fetus’s gender is determined. After the gender is determined then the development of nipples is stopped due to the presence of testosterone in the male cats. So this is the reason why the mammary gland in male cats cannot produce milk.

Purpose of Nipples in Male Cat

The purpose of the nipples of female cats is to feed their young ones after giving birth. The nipples become more pronounced after being two to three weeks pregnant. Whereas the nipple of a male cat is vestigial, so it does not serve any purpose. There is no use of the nipple in a male. It is unable to produce milk due to the presence of testosterone.

Where is the Nipple of Male Cat Located?

Like every mammal, you can find the nipples of a cat in its belly area. The nipples are positioned in two rows mostly in even numbers. Sometimes in a rare case, your cat can have an odd number of nipples. They can be sometimes hard to find due to the presence of long fur.  But if you feel with your hand gently then you will be able to feel that they are there. Sometimes a cat can lose fur around its nipples which is normal and you don’t need to worry about it.

What does Male Cat Nipples look like?

The nipple of a non-pregnant female cat and the male cat is quite similar in size and in number. It looks like a small tubular protuberance resembling a pimple or small bump. The color of nipples is similar to cats’ skin, so they are kinda pinkish in color. The size of a female cat’s nipple increases in size when it gets pregnant whereas the size of a male cat’s nipple remains the same. It neither disappears nor increases in size. If you do notice certain changes in the size of male cats’ nipples then you might need to visit the vet.

Can Problem arise in Male Cat Nipples?

Although male cat nipples do not any purpose, it is likely for problems to arise in that area. The nipples of the male cat do not change their color, shape, and size. So if you notice any changes then it is an indication of a problem and you should be concerned about it. There are various reasons that it can happen. Here are some reasons that can cause changes in the shape and size of the cats’ nipple.


Male cats tend to scuffle with other cats or animals which causes them to get injured and bruised. If you notice that your cat’s nipple looks swollen and sore then it may be caused by injury or wound. Treat the injury or seek veterinarian guidance for preventing further infection. Sometimes your cat may rub against sharp objects or overgrooming can also be the cause of infection in your cat. So it is necessary to keep an eye on these body parts to prevent irritation or infection.

Cyst Or Tumor

Although it is rare for a male cat to develop a tumor, it is not unheard of. If you notice lumps on your cat one or more nipples then it is recommended to book for examination with the vet.

Breast Cancer

Like cysts or tumors, it is quite rare for the male cat to develop breast cancer but not impossible. So it is necessary to take your male cat if you notice any swelling or modification around the nipple.


Now we know male cats also have nipples. The size and number are quite similar to that of a female cat. Although the nipple of male cats does not serve any purpose, they do need to be taken care of. Keeping an eye around these body arts is crucial for the well-being of your cat. If you want to determine the number of nipples then explore its belly area and count its nipples. Why Do Cat Love Cat Cave So Much? Are Orchids Poisonous for Cats?
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