What is the Difference Between Wet Felting and Nuno Felting?

Felting is very versatile. You can apply different techniques to make your beautiful felted creation. There is basic wet felting, Nuno felting, cobweb felting, needle felting, and more.   You don’t need to stick with a particular felting method, you can explore yourself and see what fits your interest. Now the common question that arises is […]

Best wool

Best Wool for Felting (Beginners Friendly)

If you are just starting to felt then it can be intimidating to choose the right wool at the beginner phase. We all had our share of trouble in finding the perfect wool. Different varieties of wools are available nowadays having different properties and ranging from the different price range. We encounter different wool with […]

What Are the Benefit of Felt Shoes?

What Are the Benefit of Felt Shoes?

Shoes have become one of the necessities of everyday life. Without shoes, we cannot even step out of the house. There are varieties of shoes that are available nowadays. From indoor shoes to outdoor shoes there are different styles are available for different purposes. One of them is felt shoes. Felt shoes are handmade sustainably. […]

Felt balls bulk

How to Make Felt Balls? Beginner’s Friendly Guides

If you just starting to felt and looking for an easy project to try as a beginner then, why not try making felt balls. These soft bouncy balls are great for different crafts. You can make garland, coaster, rugs any many more, you name it. You can spice up your home in a fun way. […]