Why Do Cats Meow So Much?

Cat meow

Cats are animals with various vocalizations. Form purring, meowing, chirping, hissing, trilling, and many more, a cat can make more than 100 sounds. Quite fascinating right!

We might not have the ability to recognize all but we are able to recognize a cat’s meow. It is one of the common sounds that help us distinguish that it is a cat’s sound. Cats meow frequently and it is their way of communicating.

What if your cat meows in an excessive manner? So much that you feel irritated and want to stop it from doing so. Like randomly meowing loudly at night or in the middle of the night. Know that your cat is not doing so to irritate you. It might be troubled, want to say something to you or there can be other various reasons.

We are going to talk about those different reasons why your cat does that. We are also going to give you some tips on how you can stop your cat from meowing excessively.

Cat Meows Excessively- Reasons Behind Such Behaviour

Cat vocalizing is normal but sometimes it can go out of hand. There can be different reasons. If you are able to identify the problem and the reason then you might also be able to minimize its excessive meowing.

Seeking Attention

Many people think that cats are less social animals and do not like being around people. Well, that is not fully true. They love spending time with their favorite human.

They often meow to get your attention. They want you to play with them, pet them and talk to them. This usually happens when you leave your cat alone for a longer period of time.

If your cat meows excessively then give them your attention only after it stays quiet. In this way, you are telling your cat that they are only able to get your attention only when they are quiet. You are not encouraging excessive meowing.

Asking Food

Have you ever noticed that your cat meowing every time it notices someone going to the kitchen. They are doing so in hope that they would get a bite. Sometimes they can be very vocal when its their feeding time as well.

The main problem arises when they meow continuously even though it is not their feeding time. They can do this out of habit. Have you ever fed your cat treats whenever they meow at you and beg for food? Then that is one of the reasons motivating your cat to meow excessively.

Greeting You

If you notice your cat meowing at you when you come home or even when you see each other then chances are that your cat is greeting you. They are saying ‘hi ‘ and are very excited to see you. This is a cute habit of your cat and you wouldn’t want to break it.

Looking for a Partner to Mate

If you have a cat that is not spayed or neutered then one of the reasons for them being vocal is that they are in heat. When a female cat is in the heat it will make an unpleasant yowling sound. The male cat also makes the same yowling sound when they smell a female cat in heat.

The sound and be very annoying to our ears. It is best to get your cat to neutered and spayed. This prevents the female cat from going into heat and the male cat also won’t be able to smell female cat in heat. Different studies also have shown that it is also beneficial for the cat.

Feeling Lonely

Cats are not most social animals but enjoys a company sometimes. They do not like to be left alone for a long time. It makes them feel lonely and anxious. It can cause your cat to be depressed and also meow desperately.

If you have a job that keeps you away from your cat for a long time then you can hire a pet sitter. You can install a bird feeder to keep your cat busy watching the birds. YOu can also get your cat’s special foraging toys where you can put food inside. This allows your cat to stay busy and not feel lonely.

You shouldn’t only depend on the toys, spend time with your cat, play with them and pet them as well. This will prevent your cat from meowing excessively

Asking to be Let in or Out

Meowing is one f the common way of telling you what it wants. Whenever your cat wants to go outside, it will likely inform you by meowing excessively at the door. The same thing might happen when your cat wants to come inside.

Preventing them from doing so can be a challenge. it might take more than a month to train them not to meow excessively.

Physically and Mentally Stressed

If you find your cat meowing excessively then chances are your cat might be physically and mentally stressed. Your cat might be suffering from a disease. Here are some underlying health issues that can happen to your cat.

– Arthritis

– Cognitive Dysfunction

– Loss of Hearing

– Overactive Thyroid

– Urinary Tract Infection

Your cat might also be injured. So check out for any signs of injury like scratches and infections in your cat. If it is not treated in time then further complications may arise.

Your cat can also develop mental stress. The stress might come from a new environment, new family members, or life changes, During those times your cat might become more vocal than it used to.

During those times it is best to schedule an appointment with your vet. You can appoint a full body check-up to identify your cat’s physical pain and emotional pain.

Elderly Cat

As the cat starts to age they also start to experience mental confusion and cognitive dysfunction. They become disoriented from reality and for no reason they may cry loudly mostly at night.


Loss of vision and hearing also comes with old age which causes more confusion and disorientation from the surroundings as well. During those times give your cat plenty of love and attention. This can help your cat feel soothed and reassured which may prevent your cat from meowing excessively.

Teaching Your Cat to be Less Vocal

Cat’s vocalizing is normal as it is their only way of communicating with you and other cats. The only problem arises when the cats start meowing excessively. When the meowing tales place in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night when you are having a good night’s sleep.

You can solve that problem. Here are some ways you can control your cat’s excessive vocalization.

Rewarding Quiet Behaviour

Animals repeat behavior that is beneficial for them. Cat also has such tendencies. You can use this to your benefit. Provide treats, play with your cats and pet them when they are not meowing and staying quiet. This encourages them to stay quiet to get the reward.

Avoid any sort of reward like feeding, petting, or talking when they are meowing. This enforces negative behavior like excessive meowing.

Provide Exercise and Stimulation

Cat love to stay busy. If they get bored they tend to meow. To keep your cat busy you can provide them with different ways of exercise and stimulation.

YOu can buy them cats toys, and tall areas to jump around and play with them. You can also find some cat toys where you can put food and it dispenses it. It will help burn your cat’s mental and physical energy leaving no energy to meow excessively.

Consider Cats Old Age

As your cat gets older, it starts to develop different complications like loss of vision and hearing, confusion, and disorientation. This causes them to get stressed out mostly in the evening and causes them to excessive meowing.

During these times you must give plenty of love and attention to assure them, soothe them and make them feel safe. This prevents your cat from meowing excessively.

Provide Medication

Mental stress can take a great toll on your cat causing them to meow so much. During those times you can also provide anti-stress medication for your cat. Be sure to get the one prescriber by the vet.

Routine Health Check-Up

Take your cat to a routine check-up yearly or depending on your cat’s age and size. This helps to recognize your cat’s health problem in the early stage. The vet will prescribe the required medication for your cat and help treat the problem.

So, your cat won’t have to be in pain and also prevent your cat from meowing soo much.

To Sum Up,

Cats do not meow without reason. There can be many reasons for such behavior. Do not ignore your cat’s sounds and look for any signs of discomfort in your cat.





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