Round Yellow Toned Multicolor Felt Wool Nursery Rug



Our felt ball rugs are handmade in Nepal with a whole lot of love! Pure New Zealand wool is used to make the felt balls, of which thousands are used to make a single rug. The felt balls are stitched (not glued) together to create an exclusive, one-of-a-kind rug. Oh! Did we mention how soft they feel under the feet?
Use our gorgeous felt ball rugs to spruce up any area of your home! Think a play corner with a teepee for hours of imaginative play; a little reading corner; in the bedroom to wake up to the comfort of these rugs; or as the star attraction of your living room – we think they are pieces of art, after all!

-Handmade in Nepal under fair trade from premium quality New Zealand wool.
-Colored from natural dye. Free from chemicals or any other toxins. Eco–friendly.
-Definitely an ice breaker product with strangers.
-Perfect for any room in the house as it’s neutral in color and is our most popular product.

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Round Yellow Toned Multicolor Felt Wool Nursery Rug

These felt ball rugs are hand sewn together and can be used on both sides. These stunning multicolored designer rugs are perfect for any room in the house. With the flair and creativity of the design, these heavy-duty rugs would last a lifetime and are sure to make a statement.
Each felt ball is 100% New Zealand soft wool, is felted, and then hand-stitched together.

How Your Felt Ball Rug is Made?
This felt ball rug is hand-made by Nepalese artesian women. Below are very quick and simple steps on how it’s done.
1. Each individual felt ball is made of high-quality New Zealand wool which is soaked in soapy water and rolled until they are roughly 2 cm in diameter.
2. Once done, they put the ball in the cold water and rinse it. ( Yes they do it to thousands more, individually to make up your rug).
3. These felt balls are then dried in the sun.
4 . Once completely dried, they are ready to sew together to make the rug. This is the most complex task and takes a huge amount of time.
5. Once the rug is made, it’s ready to be delivered to you. Hope now you appreciate all the work that goes into this wonderful piece of work.

Care instructions
Shake out your rug and vacuum it regularly using just the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to ensure dust and dirt don’t settle into the fibers of the felt balls. Be careful of using bristly vacuum cleaner heads, as you may accidentally fuzz up your felt balls. Do not use your felt ball rug in a wet area. Never use harsh chemicals or detergents on your rug. Periodic washing by hand in lukewarm water will help protect your rug from damage.


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