Do Cats like Wearing Clothes?

Seeing a cat in a human outfit is to die for. There is always a time we have found ourselves searching for ‘cats in clothes‘ on google and completely losing it seeing the cute results. Well, you are not the only one; many are guilty of doing so, but have you ever wondered if a cat would like wearing clothes? The simple answer to that question is ‘NO’. That’s right- cats do not like to wear clothes. In this blog, we are going to talk about why cats do not like wearing clothes and also about when it is acceptable for them to wear clothes.

Why Cats do not like to Wear Clothes?

Here are the reasons why cats would prefer not to wear clothes:

Restricts Movements

Cats have sharp claws which easily get stuck on fabric. Their claws form a tight latch on the fabric which is often very difficult to get out of. So, if the cats are to wear something, their claws would get stuck on the clothes and restrict their movement. Likewise, cats have also evolved as prey and predators. So, it is in their nature to jump, run, and hide here and there. If the clothing is not flexible enough and elastic enough, it would prevent the cat from forming full movements. They won’t be able to run as fast and jump as high as they normally would. The clothes could also prevent the cat from hiding in the smaller corners.

Unsafe for Cats

A cat’s fur (or coat) is designed to keep their body insulated even in the cold. So, adding an extra layer of clothes may cause your cat’s body to overheat. This could cause complications to your cat’s health.

Tips to make your Cat wear Clothes

Despite these reasons, if you are still keen on making your cat wear clothes then here are some tips you can follow:

Start with Simple

You might want to start with simple clothing, not anything fancy. Start with simple clothing like a cotton t-shirt or a small bow tie. Do not do anything that’s uncomfortable for your cat and do not force them into wearing one.

Keep Cats Size in Mind

Make sure the clothes you are going to put on your cat fit perfectly If the cloth is too tight then it might suffocate the cat, or if it is too loose then it may disturb the cat’s movement.

Check their Mental State

It is easy to know whether your cat likes outfits or not.  Some cats may like the outfit while some might show signs of stress like flopping over when walking, scratching their outfit, or trying to take off the outfit. If you notice such behavior then it is best to take off the outfit. No matter how cute the outfit is, it is not worth stressing your cat.

Do not Leave them Alone

Even if you are successful in putting on the outfit, do not leave your cat unattended with outfits on. They might try to take off the outfit which might cause accidents.

When is it Acceptable to make your Cat wear Clothes?

In some situations, making cats wear clothes is beneficial. Here are a few situations where it is beneficial to make the cat wear clothes:

Provide Extra Protection From Cold

Cats feel cold easily. In the chilliest weather like when it is snowing outside, your cat might need extra help to stay warm. In that case you can put on a warm sweater on your cat. Keep in mind, the sweater shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

When Injured

If your cat had an accident and had to get stitches done then chances are it might scratch that area. This can cause the stitches to break and prevent the wound from healing properly. So, to prevent that you can cover that area with a cotton shirt. It also ensures that the wound is able to heal properly.

In Conclusion- Should Cats Wear Clothes?

Not all cats prefer clothes but some cats do not mind an extra layer on their body. If you are keen on making your cat wear clothes keep the above-mentioned tips in mind. Do not force your cat to wear clothes. It is not good for their mental well-being. Rather appreciate the uniqueness that they are born with. Naturally, it is not necessary for cats to wear clothes as they have their own furry coat to keep them warm.    
Arun Sapkota

Arun Sapkota

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