Are Wool Socks Good for Your Feet?

Socks have been in use since ancient times. The socks were usually made from animal leather and matted hair. Later different techniques and materials were introduced to make socks. Since then socks have evolved, and new styles and models have been introduced. From being made from animal skin now socks are made from different materials like wool, cotton, nylon, acrylic, silk, bamboo, linen, and many more. Now socks have been a staple piece in our daily life. We wear socks almost all the time. We can find them in different designs, lengths, and colors. Some socks are designed for specific purposes like hiking, running, cold weather, or warm weather. Choosing the right one is quite hard. Among many socks, the wool sock has also gained a certain amount of fame for comfort and its other qualities. Many are still in confusion whether they need socks specifically made from wool or not. In this blog, we are going to answer all your question about wool socks. First, let’s find out what makes a sock a good sock?

Features of a Good Sock

Here are a few features to look for when buying a sock. If the sock meets the below-mentioned feature then it can be considered a good sock.


The sock you are wearing should be comfortable for your feet. To determine whether the sock is comfortable then you need to look out for the materials that are used for making the sock. Some materials can be quite suffocating for your feet’s skin and might cause irritation. The sock is there to protect your feet and it should be able to do the job. Like preventing your feet from chafing blisters and making your feet feel all sweaty and wet. When socks were invented with the sole purpose to absorb the sweat produced by the feet. So, your sock should be able to do so.

Suit the Circumstances

The sock you are buying should fit the circumstances that you are buying it for. If the sock is designed for everyday use then it might not do a good job of handling your feet when you are running. Sock suitable for the summer season won’t be able to keep your feet enough warm enough for the cold season. So, choose a sock that suits the circumstances.

A Perfect Fit

The sock you are buying should fit yours perfectly. If the sock is too loose or too tight then it might cause complications to your feet. Like if the sock is too loose then the protruding or moving fabric creates friction on the surface of your skin. This can lead to blister and chafing. On the other hand, if the sock is too tight then it can cause great discomfort and bind your finger tightly which is not healthy. Tight socks may also hinder the blood circulation on your feet leading to swollen feet. Sometimes thick socks that fit your feet perfectly but are very thick to fit the shoes are also a no-no.

Height of Sock

Socks can be found of different heights. Some are designed to reach up to your ankle whereas some are designed to reach your knee. There is the sock with the medium height as well. So, choosing the length of your sock depend all on your preference. Sometimes the length should depend on the height of the shoes. It doesn’t seem right to wear ankle shoes with knee-high boots.

Price of the Sock

Socks can come in different qualities and prices. It varies from sock to sock. Sometimes the price differences between the socks can be so wide that you might be wondering what makes the other sock so expensive? Well, you are not the only one to think so. The price of a sock is determined by the quality, materials used for the sock, and the method used for it. Different factors like the durability of the sock also determine the price of the sock. A good sock should be worth the price you pay. If you are paying a hectic amount then the sock should be of high quality and should last you a long period of time. If you have bought a cheap-priced sock then you can expect them to get damaged easily. Some socks can easily get lint due to over friction but good quality socks do not get lint easily. We can get the conclusion a good pair of socks might be more costly than the normal ones.

Is Wool Sock a Good Sock?

If you have landed on this blog then your main concern would be whether a wool sock is a good sock or not. You might want to try the wool sock but are hesitant. We got you. At the end of the blog, we hope all your confusion is cleared and determine whether it is good for you.

Wool Socks are of Great Comfort

Wool socks are widely known for their comfort. The breathable, anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, and insulating properties provide great comfort to the wearer. The breathability of the wool allows air to pass through the feet. This helps prevent any bacteria build up on the feet which might cause irritation and infection. The sweat produced from the feet also gets absorbed which is get evaporated and keeps your feet dry. This also prevents any bad odor build-up. Wool can provide warmth to your feet during winter.  The heat from the body gets collected in the fiber of the sock and keeps your feet cozy and warm. In the warmer season, the breathability of the sock allows the air to pass through keeping your feet cool and fresh.

Wool Socks for all Weather

When we think about wool, the only thing that pops up in our mind is that it is for the winter season only. Well, we are glad to tell you that wool is quite versatile and can be worn in both winter and the summer season. Wool socks specially designed for the warmer season can also be found. The socks are made from wool with soft fiber, Merino wool being the common one. The breathability and the moisture-wicking properties of the wool allow the sock to absorb the sweat from your feet. Do you know that wool can absorb about 30% moisture of its weight? That is quite a lot and makes it perfect for the warmer and sweaty seasons. Most hiking socks, running socks, and sports socks are made from wool due to their moisture-wicking properties. In the colder seasons, wool socks can keep you warm and cozy. The insulating properties of the wool trap the air in the crimp of the fiber which helps lock the warmth inside. Likewise, the moisture-absorbing properties keep your feet dry as well.

A Perfect Fit and Height

Wool socks are manufactured in different sizes and lengths. So, choosing the perfect fit depends on you. As mentioned above choosing a sock of the right size is crucial. If the sock is tight or loose then it cancels out the other properties of woo sock becoming a good sock. This can be said for other socks as well. A sock that doesn’t fit you properly can be considered a bad sock. Even if you are able to choose the right wool sock, you might think that the sock would stretch out after a few uses and washes. Well, you don’t have to worry about that. Wool fibers are quite strong and are stretchy, meaning that even if the wool is stretched out, after a wash it can easily spring back to its normal shape. So, a wool sock that hugs your feet comfortably can be considered a good sock.

Worth the Price

Compared many socks, like cotton socks for example are cheaper than woolen ones. You might think that wool socks are ver priced. Well, they might be quite expensive. Some might even be more expensive than the shoes. But know that wool socks are priced based on the qualities and the result. A wool fiber can withstand up to 20,000 bends before tearing, whereas fibers like cotton can withstand about 3,000 bends only. So, wool socks are about seven times stronger than cotton socks. This makes the woolen sock quite durable. A pair is sure to last for quite a long time. You don’t have to worry about getting a new one and spending money.

Cons of Wool Socks

Wool socks have great benefits and also a fair share of cons. Here we have listed some of the cons of wool socks. – Cleaning wool socks can be quite difficult. You cannot use hot water when cleaning the sock otherwise it would shrink your sock. You shouldn’t hang it dry rather it should be laid on a flat surface. – Wool is weaker than cotton when wet. So you need to be extra careful when handling wet wool socks. – Wools are very expensive. Although we have mentioned that wool socks are worth the expensive price but not everyone is able to afford them. – When handling wool products we need to be extra careful.

In Summary,

Wool socks have more pros than cons. A pair of wool socks is very beneficial for your feet and your overall health. With different benefits like keeping your feet warm, odor-free, and bacteria-free, you need to get one for yourself. Wool socks are also good for the environment as well.
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